Kayos Dragway, known in the NHRA as the El Kadsreian Madhouse, is a quarter-mile dragstrip located in the Kayos Conservation Area of Romrac National Forest near Romrac, El Kadsre. It opened in 1975 as Oceanic NHRA Dragway and hosts the NHRA Oceanic Nationals.


It was built by Ayaka Kayos, the daughter of former East El Kadsreian president Hiroshi Kayos, and Barokian film actor Muhammad Kemal Raqqa al-Dhafiri.

Because it was built in the middle of conservation land, activists protesting it's construction could not get to it since the Vlokozuian National Forest Patrol blocked all areas of the under-construction dragstrip the protestors could possibly get to. Also due to this, the NHRA Safety Safari has been known to work with the VNRP and it's successor the El Kadsreian Forest Guard to keep wild animals off the dragstrip on race days.

It was unique in the NHRA when it first opened since it was outside North America and in a then-socialist nation.

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