Kazedan (風団 Kazedan?, lit. Wind Gang) is one of the four alignments at Minecraftia High School founded by Kenta Kazami. Students put into this alignment are often based on cleverness and cunning, and the Pokémon associated with this alignment is Tropius, as the colors green and silver were used to represent this alignment.


In the anime

Chuhou Project

The alignment has been known for having many villains, including Hearthcliffe and Belmont. However, only a few students on the good side have befriended Driller. At the beginning of the anime, Driller was at his greatest fear of being put into Kazedan because of the villainous people. The sorting girl decided to change her steps and put him into Honoodan instead.

Notable Kazedan students

Student Year(s) attended Note(s)
Ryan Tenmetsu 1957 - 1961 Later became headmaster of the school.
Takumi Hearthcliffe 2003 - 2005 Was expelled due to evil behavior.
Joey Belmont 2003 - 2007
Hiroyuki Tanaka 2003 - 2007
Megumi Wakui 2004 - 2006 Was drafted into the UGSF.
Yui Katsumoto 2006 - 2010
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