Keiko Yoshigahara (born May 10, 1974) is a El Kadsreian monster truck driver and occasional dancer.


Keiko, born in Sankuro to Soviet parents of Japanese descent originally from Vladivostok, moved to the United States in 1997 to work in Japanese-language theater in South Carolina, and later began working in live tours from VEE Corporation and Renald-Zanni Entertainment. Whilst go-karting one day in 2002, she was spotted by a executive for Clear Channel Entertainment, who invited her to participate in Monster Jam as a driver due to her go-karting skills. Despite only being skilled in go-karting, she agreed, and was soon behind the wheel of Vette King at a show in Cookeville a week later, despite only having had a crash course in driving courtesy of Dennis Anderson a couple of days before.

She is well known for her wild "Keiko Rolls". The original Keiko Roll occurred at a 2002 independent show in Fitchburg at the Bernardian Bowl, when she was driving Vette King. She got too much air off a ramp intended for the freestyle motocross performers, and rolled wildly end-over-end, landing on top of a catch fence for the nearby baseball field.

In 2003, after driving the Sagwa monster truck, rounding off her half of first quarter for three shows in Seattle with the Sheegwa version of Sagwa, she chose to leave Clear Channel. She moved back to El Kadsre, and joined the El Kadsreian Firestorm team. During this period, she also played Sheegwa (who ironically was the Sagwa character that the last truck she drove for Clear Channel was styled after) as a stand-in for known Sesame Street Live! performers Annemarie LaTulip and Emily Turay in the 2003 "International Dreams" tour of PBS Kids Live!. She performed in the international shows in Japan, Fuei, and the United Kingdom, and in shows in Rochester, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detriot, Springfield, and Fargo. She also performed as Sheegwa in the 2004 tour, allowing her to take a break from monster trucks for a period. Midway through the tour, she married her husband, Iranian-American dancer Perry Tubular (born Parvīz Najafzadeh).

Her most well-known "Keiko Roll" was at a 2005 Monster Jam show in Honolulu whilst driving El Kadsreian Firestorm, when she got too much air off a bus ramp and rolled wildly end-over-end, ending her run with the truck on top of the Robosaurus robot.

She will be inactive in 2019 for half of the first quarter to tour with the Eastern U.S. and British tours of Sagwa on the Go!: A Live Mystery! as Sheegwa, sharing costume duties in part of the British tour with Jane Malley, and El Kadsreian Whelen All-American Series driver Jorge Pérez will pilot her truck whilst his own truck is being built and she tours with the production.

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