Kelly Sanchez (born December 12, 1980) is an El Kadsreian actress and singer. She is known for famous Lana Reeve/Lana X character in the popular Lana X series.

Early life

Sanchez was born in El Kadsre City to Filipino mother Ermita Domingo (born 1957) and El Kadsreian father Johnson Sanchez (born 1950) in 1980.

Personal life

She is an El Kadsreian nationality. She has a younger sister Ellona and older brother John Angelo.


She started life as an actress in 1995 starting with romantic movie Photograph.

In 1998, she portrayed Sofia in the movie Friendly Smiles.

In 1999, she released an album called I Knew It Right, but it was only moderately successful at most El Kadsre charts.

Her biggest break when she portrayed Lana X in the original Lana X: The Ladybot movie in 2003. It was a big hit and was extremely popular. She helped led to sequel released in 2004.


Technic Heroes

Year Title Role Notes
2003 Lana X: The Ladybot Lana Reeve/Lana X
2004 Lana X2: The Enhanced Earth
2006 Lana X3: The Secret of Darkness



  • I Knew It Right (1999)
  • No Erase (2015)
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