Kemal Sallaiha Bajdim (born December 4, 1860) was an Bahraini-born Barokian religious leader and imam who was the founder and 1st president of Barokia.


Kemal Sallaiha Bajdim was born in Bahrain to Bahraini parents in 1860. In 1889, he ran away from home to the United Kingdom on a fishing vessel and settled in London. He was one of the settlers of Barokia, and led the Barok Free Movement Party, a movement party that was founded to gain independence from Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. In 1914, Barokia declared independence and he became the 1st president. He has been taken over as president by Alum Ben Esrab in 1923, then Alum was taken over by Yursa Afflada in 1932.

Kemal died in 1948 from cancer.

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