Kensland, officially known as the Republic of Kensland is a country in North America. It is located west to United States.


Early years and Okemei Empire: 1809

Independence from Japan and United States: 1809-1937

WWII and The Invasion: 1937-1946

New Republic after end of World War II: 1946-present

After World War II ended, Kensland restored democracy and became a new republic in June 1946.


Kensland is broken down into 8 provinces.




The country's television networks are UBC, GBS, RTV, and KPTV, and more.

The country’s radio networks are KNR, URN, GSR, and HRN, and more.

Film companies are Unite Pictures, GBS Films, Three Films, Kensfilm, and Pacio Pictures, and more.

Telecommunications companies are Comwell, Vodafone, Ace Telecom, and Teletru, and more.

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