Kiddie Time! is a defunct children's programming strand that aired on Vision Network on Sunday (and eventually Wednesday) nights from 1991 to 1997. It is similar to Bumper's Block, a Saturday night block that aired on the same channel.

The strand began in September 1991, airing for two hours on Sunday nights from 6:00p.m. to 8:00p.m. It was intended that young children would watch the strand before going to bed, in preparation for the upcoming school week. It saw little amendments throughout its run, except for changing its schedule to 7:00p.m. to 9:00p.m. in January 1995, and the addition of the strand also airing on Wednesday nights in August 1996.

Kiddie Time! came to an end after its final run on 15th June, 1997.

Shows that aired on Kiddie Time!

Programming on Kiddie Time! consisted of BBC children's shows from the 1940s up to the 1970s, which had yet to air in Kuboia at the time.

  • Andy Pandy (1950 and 1970 episodes only)
  • Bagpuss
  • Bizzy Lizzy
  • Bod
  • Camberwick Green
  • Fingerbobs
  • Flower Pot Men
  • Gravy and Spider
  • Ivor the Engine
  • Jackanory
  • King Rollo
  • Mary, Mungo and Midge
  • Mr Benn (original 1974 series)
  • Muffin the Mule (original 1946 series)
  • Picture Book
  • Play School
  • Rag, Tag and Bobtail
  • The Clangers (original 1969 series)
  • The Flumps
  • The Herbs
  • The Sooty Show (1955 to 1967 episodes only)
  • The Woodentops
  • Trumpton
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