Kids! TV Noobville is a network owned by TheCuben2006Channel, it launched on May 13, 2018. It replaced Kids Co (Noobville), and currently airs Nickelodeon, Disney, and Cartoon Network shows kind of how Noob Network's shows are from (with some original shows.)

As Kids Co Noobville (2008-2018)

In 2008, Noob Network Education was replaced with Kids Co. It was shown In English and Noobian (The Noobian audio track was removed in 2014), It aired the same shows the real Kids Co channels aired. On May 13, 2018, Kids Co ceased programming.

Kids! TV Launch (May 13, 2018-present)

At 17:25 ENST, Kids Co ceased programming, and they announced that Kids! TV will replace Kids Co Noobville. The last program on Kids Co was The Fairly Odd Parents, and the first program on Kids! TV was The Loud House.

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