Kids Kountry is the name of the main kiddie land found at most Carwardine Parks.


The land's name was envisioned when Chris Carwardine went to an independent petting zoo called "Kids Country", he was originally going to name it just that, but turned the C to a K to copyright the name.

Saul Bass (creator of the iconic Warner Bros. //' logo) was hired to create a contemporary, but childish logo for the land. The logo looks to appear it's created out of bamboo.


The ride selection varies by park. Some of the most common rides found at a typical Carwardine Kids Kountry area are a kiddie coaster, a Zamperla Crazy Bus (or similar ride), some carousel style kiddie rides with or without an umbrella, etc.


Logo History

  • 1980 (Early Promotional Material) - Clearly a temporary logo, it's just the words "KIDS KOUNTRY" written in Times New Roman
  • 1980-1995 - A stylized logo created by Saul Bass with the letters spelled with bamboo sticks.
  • 1995-2001 - Kids Kountry written in rainbow comic sans.
  • 2001-2012 - A remake of the Saul Bass design, with some alterations. This was rarely used from 2003-2007 due to most of the kiddie lands at Carwardine's properties going under the PBS Kids Neighborhood name at the time.
  • 2012-present - A simplified version of the 2001 logo.


  • From 2010-2011 Centerpoint Park's Kids Kountry was known as "77 Kids Kountry".
  • Some parks have a country theme to their Kids Kountry area.
  • Colorado Canyon's Kids Kountry has a side theme of Garfield.
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