Kids for Character: We Are Family was a 2003 live TV special aired live from Shea Stadium in New York City. Produced by Character Counts!, the We Are Family Foundation, the Entertainment Industry Foundation, Nash Entertainment, and Ear Booker Productions; it was aired on July 2, 2003 on the Big Four TV channels: ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX, plus PBS member stations, the RKO Network, UPN, The WB, PAX, and several independent TV channels; and several cable channels across the United States.

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News anchors from NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and RKO introduce the special. Then in a pre-recorded segment in the Central Park Mall, Tom Selleck and Nile Rodgers are joined with a team of children and then lead us into the main live show segment by discussing the show's message.


Original Music by Fiedorowicz-Bellingham-Cornelissen, Bob Bejan, Chris Pérez and Nile Rodgers, except where noted.

  1. Right From The Heart - Nile Rodgers and The Kids for Character Band
  2. Let's Jump To It! - Bear
  3. Sing About It (Bob Bejan) - Dongwa and Sagwa
  4. We Are Family (Bernard Edwards, Nile Rodgers) - Stars of Children's Television
  5. That's Good (Mark Mothersbaugh, Gerald Casale) - Stars of Children's Television

The Kids for Character Band



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