Kidsney is a country located at Europe, near Italy. It was discovered in 1905.


Early years (1880-1905)

Kidsney broke up the European continent! It was inhabitable at the time.

English colonization (1905-1940)

US residents have seen the country! And they habited it until they discovered Kiddish.

Big years! (1940-1990)

They discovered Kiddish! And the first store was established on Kidsney!

Gigantic years! (1990-2000)

First television, phone, tape player, magazines and more stores! Also the first TV channel was KBT!

Ultra, mega, giga years! (2000-2010)

A lot of stuff occured. 100th store, first election, first computer, and first school.


1000th store and many stuff.


Currently it has 180+ television networks and radio stations. It also includes video games and iphones.


Just like the United Kingdom, it uses Pound.


  • Kiddish has Russian letters, but it's pronounced in a english accent.
  • For unknown reasons, the flag uses the Qubo symbol. However, it does not reject anyone over 10.
    • in 2019, Ion Media (owner of Qubo) have sued Kidsney over the flag with Qubo logo.
  • Yokoto is the only city that uses Kiddish.
  • The country losed up to Circlia, because Circlia makes a lot of sense and Kidsney doesn't, just because it references the word "kidney".
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