Kidzhouse (Pansauran: Gedihæz) is a Pansauran kids channel owned by Yaqobsi Media Ltd, launched in February 28, 1989. It is the first kids channel in Pansaura.

The channel is closely affiliated with dubbing studios RSL Studios Pansaura, Media Max Pansaura, and Hope Sound; all out of Kurahjs.


Kidzhouse launched in 1989 as the first 24-hour kids channel in the Pansauran language, and Oceania's second 24-hour kids channel aside from El TV Kadsre Spark. El TV Kadsre Television Network, Spark's owners, paid for the creation of the channel in association with Yaqobsi Media Ltd. and OrgozBank.

In 2003, they began to gain more popularity after buying the Pansauran rights to the Spanish-Japanese series Around the World with Willy Fog, which was very successful and inspired Yaqobsi to buy the local rights to more animes than ever before. Previously, acquiring the Pansauran rights to many successful series such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Sailor Moon, Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat, Pokémon, and Ultraman Tiga had helped Kidzhouse steadily regain popularity after losing popularity to other channels.


C - Adult Content Censored

Prehouse block (2005-present)

In 2005, Kidzhouse introduced "Prehouse", a block for preschool programming, every weekend from 8am to 12pm.

KidzMoviez block (2008-present)

In 2008, Kidzhouse began airing a block called "KidzMoviez"; featuring one family movie (sometimes two) per night dubbed into Pansauran.

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