King Leo (Japanese:レオ王 Reo-ō) is a 1994 NHK and El TV Kadsre TV movie. The film is 125 minutes (2 hours and 5 minutes) long. The movie was aired on NHK and El TV Kadsre (Japanese only).


  • Kimichi Tokkasu as King Leo
  • Dai Chi Nai as King Leo's Wife 
  • Hironi Toyashi as Limachan
  • Herushi Mayani as Vita
  • Constantin Herović as Tilan
  • Da Kimashi as Tomila
  • Katsumi Hironito-Toyota as King Leo's New Wife
  • Hironi Hoyota as Alex the Wolf
  • Mali Sa as Alex the Wolf's wife
  • Yoshi Hanarito as Cobra
  • Yikami Detsuni as Max the Shepherd Dog
  • Vinami Detsuni as Victor the Tiger
  • Heroni Tasuminoto as Tiger Warrior
  • Haronito Leanihanio as Aronialan
  • Anito Leanihanio as Aronialan's son
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