Kmart Retail Co., Ltd. (株式会社K-MART小売り, Kabushiki-gaisha K-Mart Kouri) is a Japanese retail company operating a chain of low-price retail stores. It is a subsidiary of Aonuma Holdings Co., and uses the Kmart name under license from Transformco.


Kmart Japan was born out of a joint-venture between Japan-based Sumitomo Corporation and United States-based Kmart Corporation, who began to develop Japanese K-Mart stores in 1990.

On August 1, 1993, the first Japanese K-Mart store opened in Saitama, Saitama Prefecture, with an estimated 20,000 people passing through the checkouts and taking in over ¥111,664 (approximately US$1 million) on day one. The store was opened by Kmart's then-CEO Joseph E. Antonini. The doors had to be closed every 3 minutes as a safety precaution. The original slogan of Kmart in Japan was "KMART - A NEW STYLE TO SHOP!", with an English advertising jingle produced by JAM Creative Productions.

In 2002, Kmart Japan was purchased from Sumitomo and Kmart by Aonuma Holdings Co. of Osaka. The Kmart name continues to be used by the branch under a licensing agreement with Kmart's current owners Transform SR Brands, LLC, and Kmart Japan is the only Kmart unit that still uses the 1990-2004 logo.

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