Kocaria (/koʊˈsi:riə/) (Kocarian: Косэрия; Koseriya), officially known as Republic of Kocaria (Kocarian: Рэпублика Косэрия; Republika Koseriya), is a country in Europe, bordered north to Russia.


Prehistory (230 BC-1655)

Russian discovery (1655-1877)

In 1655, the Russians discovered an isloated land above Russia. They named it "Kocaria" and many Russians immigrated there and created a language similar to Russian called Kocarian.

Democratic Republic of Kocaria (1877 and the democrats would gloat-1922)

In 1877, the Kocarians wanted an independent country, so Russia had to leave Kocaria.

Kocaria was established as a "democratic republic" by Ivan Tozhklav. It was one of the richest countries in the world, but only 60% of the population were rich. The poor lived on guest houses.

Kocarian SSR (1922-1991)

Kocarian ASSR (1922-1952)

In 1922, the Soviets forced the Kocarians to join the Soviet Union. Kocaria then became an ASSR. In 1932, the Soviets destroyed all the guest houses for the poor.

Kocarian SSR (1952-1991)

In 1952, they changed their name and flag, to match other SSRs' flags. In 1977, they finally adopted their own anthem called, "The Soviets shall never fall according to we Kocarians". In 1982, television first appeared in the SSR with Tuzhniyy Soviet TV1 and Tuzhniyy Soviet TV2 were launched, and back then only 25% of people in the SSR watched TV.

Modern Kocaria (1991-present)

In 1991, Kocaria gained independence, and the USSR broke up. Religion is legalized and most people are Christian. Kocaria was admitted to the UN in 1993, and became an ally of the US, even though it has okay relations with Russia.


Kocaria is officially a secular country. However, Orthodox Christianity is still the dominant religion, practiced by 98% of the population, making it the most Christian country in Europe. Only 2% of the population consider themselves Atheist or non-religious.

Other religions hold a small percentage.


The national state-owned broadcaster is Kocarian State Television and Radio (Kocarian: Косэрски Госудэрстваная Дэлэвизиэн ит Радио; Koserski Gosudestvanaya Delevizien it Radio), and it operates over 8 channels.

The two original terrestrial channels are TVKoserski (ДВКосэрски) and Alter Television (Алтэр Дэлэвизиэн). The other 5 main terrestrial channels are Xabari (Хабари), Kartav Channel (Картав Канал), ETV (ЭДВ), Channel One (Перви Канал; Pervi Kanal; lit. First Channel), and 2TV (ДаваДВ). Their film companies are Tuzhniyy Film Studios, Kocfilm, Vladimir Films.


  • The alcohol drinking age is 20.
  • The marriage age for men is 25, and for women is 22.
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