'Konata Izumi' (Japanese: 泉コナタ, Hepburn: 'Izumi Konata') is a fictional character in The Drillimation Series of video games and anime by Drillimation Studios. She is the female protagonist of The Drillimation Series, and first appeared in the 1981 anime Lucky Star by Drillimation.

Concept and Creation

Konata was created in 1978 by Kagami Yoshimizu for a school project he had. Konata was originally going to have short, brown hair, but was scrapped due to another female character in another student's project having short, brown hair and did not want to risk any legal action. Yoshimizu joined Drillimation after graduating from college, and he used the character he created, along with his winning contest entry for Star Trigon, to help Takajima create the Lucky Star franchise.


Since her creation, she has long, blue hair which comes all the way down to her calves, with a large ahoge that she grew from her mother's sacrifice and a beauty mark under her left eye.

In the anime

Lucky Star

Konata made her first appearance in the anime as the female protagonist of the series. Since the first episode, she has been the princess of the Lucky Star Kingdom and always looks toward Susumu.

In the games

Lucky Star series

Konata made her debut in the games starting with the pilot title Lucky Star. She uses lightning bolts for her bullets and thunderstorms for her spell cards.

Driller Engine Grand Prix series

Konata has appeared in every game in the Driller Engine Grand Prix series of kart-racing games as a middleweight driver. Her favorite item is the Spiny Shell, despite it being negative. The instruction manual explains it as "thinking it will stop Keel from trying to break her relationship with Susumu". Her character item in Driller Engine Grand Prix 2x2 is the Lightning Rod, which summons an electric cloud which will give the kart boosts of speed until it shrinks the racer like the standard Lightning.


Konata generally received positive reception from critics and GamePro praised her as "the beautiful blue-haired lottie". Critics praised her for her hairstyle and relationship with Susumu but was criticized for her habits of watching anime and being lazy. Game Informer also stated "it's always fun when she's a princess, but not when she's an annoying otaku in that moeblob anime of hers".

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