Kristian Echohawk "Chriserella" Michaels (born Christina Evelyn Michaels; July 6th, 1970) is a Canadian-American artist, animator, actress, filmmaker, musician, and LGBT rights activist, who has worked on multiple shows and movies. She is married to Robert Stainton.


Kristian was born a girl in Winnipeg, Canada to an American father, Christopher Adam Michaels who was born in Nebraska, and a Canadian mother, Evelyn Janna Oram born in Edmonton, Alberta. Her father Christopher Adam Michaels was born in Nebraska, the youngest of 8 kids to Richard Orville Michaels (1902-1972) and Mary Maud Michaels (nee Byrne) (1906-1986) and is of English, Scottish and Irish descent while her mother Evelyn was born in Edmonton to Charles Oscar Oram (1921-2002) and Hilda Ellen Oram (nee Beaumont) (1923-2005) and is of English descent.

Kristian and her parents moved to Toronto in 1973 then Burlington, Vermont in 1981. Her dad ran a Chuck E Cheese franchise, where she often went for birthday parties, explaining her love of animatronics, and the reason behind her ownership of animatronic shows. She eventually signed up to The Jeff Jones Show in 1982, where she met Robert Stainton and reconnected with him in 1995.

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