Kuan Xiaoyan (關小燕 Guānxiǎoyàn) (born January 17, 1968) is a Taiwanese-born Chinese Filipino actress and singer. She is signed to GSTV Artists Center.


Kuan describes herself as a first-generation Minnan. She was born in Jincheng, Taiwan and immigrated with her family to Metro Manila in 1970.


She started a career in 1979. Her biggest role was the Tagalog dub voice of Lum Invader in Urusei Yatsura. She not only dubbed over Fumi Hirano as Lum but performed the opening and ending theme songs and has appeared and performed many times as Lum during anime conventions.

Her other notable dubbing roles for GSTV include Maurecia in the GSTV Tagalog version of Wayside.

Personal Life

She is married to Alberto Jose Bacigalupo and is the mother of Katie Lamu Xiaoyan. She owns several cats, her favorite one is Jem, a brown and white-colored longhair rescued from a bench outside the SM Mall of Asia.

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