Kuboia (generally pronounced "Cue-boy-ay" or "Coo-boy-ay", though most Americans pronounce it as "Cue-bay-ah") is a European country located to the north-west of Jetania.


Kuboia Old

The original Kuboia flag, used from 1946 to 1987.

After Ghost Island became Jetania in 1946, only approximately 30 people stayed in the area. Three of those people, John Kunning, Garnett Boastful and Echo Oakley, had no house to go to, and disliked the others who stayed in Jetania. They agreed to head to the north west of the country, and invent a sub-region. The name Kuboia is a combination of the trio’s names, whilst the original flag uses the three favourite colours from each of the original founders.

In 1984, it was requested that Kuboia would become an official country. Kuboia became an official country on 30th March 1987.


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North Kuboia

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East Kuboia

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West Kuboia

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South Kuboia

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Defunct settlements

  • Governhause - where the original three founders of Kuboia residented. It has since been merged into Hausekeep.


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