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Kubokartoonz is a Kuboian animated studio founded in September 1987 by Ashley Maverick and Harlow Morrison. It was the first animated studio to be founded in Kuboia, and has produced several television series and specials that have received critical acclaim and spawned a lot of merchandise.


Kubokartoonz' programmes are often characterised by high-quality 2D visuals and animation, fantasy elements in a realistic setting, high-budget soundtracks, serial formats, a mixture of dark and lighthearted storylines and wholesome social lessons.

A majority of the studio's works are targeted towards younger children whilst featuring humour and plotlines that an older audience would appreciate. However, one of their most popular works, Magma Eye, is aimed at an older audience. Ashley Maverick states that their content "is for everyone, no matter who you are".


TV series

All television series produced by the company have been done in traditional animation.


Kubokartoonz are often credited for popularising Kuboian animation, with some of their works, such as The Incredible World of Riddles, The New Adventures of The Sweet Treets and Magma Eye, maintaining high cult status worldwide, even decades after their series ended production. Harlow Morrison argued that being the first Kuboian cartoon studio gave them an advantage, in addition to focusing more on production values than most non-Kuboian studios did at the time.


In 2019, BBC called Kubokartoonz "the Kuboian Disney".


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