Kubokartoonz is a Kuboian private limited animated studio based in Gutstone, East Kuboia. Founded on 2nd January, 1989 by Ashley Maverick, Casey James, Harlow Maynard ane Lake Caters, the studio have been producing animation for over thirty years.

Key people



An asterisk indicates that film was released direct-to-video in the United States.

TV series

All television series produced by the company have been done in traditional animation.

Other franchises


Critical reception

Series KantasyDream score IMDB score
The Incredible World of Riddles 7/7 8.5
Greenwood Forest 7/7 7.0
The New Adventures of The Sweet Treets 7/7 7.9
Magma Eye 6/7 7.2
Tip's Nursery 5/7 6.4
Tangle Jam 5/7 6.8
Kit the Warrior 4/7 3.1
Dean and Daisy 6/7 6.7


Kubokartoonz have been credited for creating the Kantasy culture, and for partially inspiring modern Kuboian youth culture, which has been retained for nearly thirty years as of 2020.

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