Kylea Srama is an American born Clyohrairan left wing, Bolivarian, Atheist, feminist and an environmentalist activist, she's a Mafia member of the Rairan Mountaineer Mafia, she's part of hacking groups called Weseast and RSHD, and she's a politician for the Socialist Action Party of Clyohraira.


Being a freeloader (2001-2005)

She was a freeloader a year after she was done with high school. She had been to 100's of houses, bribing off from other people and families.

Criminal era (2005-present)

Four years later, she had to retire from being a freeloader after she was arrested for contamination of food at a Walmart and she was sentenced to 3 years in prison. During her prison sentence, she started many fights and occasionally started riots in prison. After she got out of prison, she moved to Saisan, Clyohraira at the town of Raira Outparsk in 2008.

Political career (2014-present)

Kylea started her political career in 2014 and she was part of the Democratic Party of Clyohraira and in 2015, she split the Democratic Party into which one of the parties emerged from the split was the Socialist Action Party of Clyohraira.


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