Kylie Diwalahi (born October 21, 1997) is a female muslim DJ personality, she is currently a DJ for Groovy 107.9 since 2017, she has given nickname "Kylie the Hijabi DJ", her DJ career was inspired by her mom's former job at Soul FM 100.8 (now Your Game Radio 100.8).

She frequently saying "i have Pink cute hair under my hijab and i wont take off" during Groovy 107.9 broadcast (including timecheck).

her father (born 1972) was FBN Games employee and her mother (born 1971) was Soul FM 100.8 DJ from 1989-1997.

The Diwalahi family is known for having pink hair color for all family members, despite being muslim (forcing all female members, like Kylie to wear hair-hiding hijabs).

on September 30, 2019 at exacty 5:42am, Kylie said last words (only to Ch28's simulcast of Groovy 107.9 5am-6am) "This is me, Kylie the Hijabi DJ, i'm sad as Groovy 107.9 simulcast is leaving Ch28, you wont able to see me reveal my pink cute hair under my hijab and i will take off sooner after New Year 2020 only if Groovy 107.9 is not leaving Ch28, you wont able to see me on TV screen, this is me signing off in TV, and on to the next song!" during Ch28's last simulcast of Groovy 107.9, before the song "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" by Sylvester plays, she was last seen (on Ch28 broadcast) wearing a SMG4 shirt under her usual long-sleve shirt, white Hijab (with Fishy Boopkins pin as hijab pin) and red Hijab underscarf.

other carrer beyond radio DJ

as voice actors

  • SMG4 (FBN Tagalog dub): Princess Peach (MarioTube 2)
  • Nuri (Bata English dub): Siti
  • Zip Zip (Tagalog dub): Suzie
  • Go Jetters (Tagalog dub): Saleslady who appeared almost every episode (sans Go Jet Academy episodes)
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