Kyra’s Dragon Rescue is a vertical scrolling shooter arcade game that was developed by Sega and released by Konami for arcades in 1993. It was later ported to the Sega Genesis and PC.


In the kingdom of Glowerhaven, a serpent demon named Zawell escapes imprisonment from a powerful spell, and kidnaps Princess Alice and Hopgoblin! A Dragon Princess named Kyra and a wizard named Eric must rescue the duo and destroy Zawell once and for all! With her magical necklace, she transforms into an iconic powerful purple dragon. She can breathe fire and drop bombs, as well as collect up to thirteen additional powers during her journey. Kyra must fight nine of Zawell's mightiest beasts, one at the end of each stage, before facing Zawell herself. But you must help Kyra dodge and defeat enemies! But don’t worry, Eric, who is riding Kyra will give you tips to help on your journey!


  • This was Sega’s first Reversal of the Heart game with the second and final one being Reversal of the Heart Fighters in 1996.
  • Due to licensing issues, Sega created and developed the game, but Konami, who owned the game rights to Reversal of the Heart at the time had to release it, but Sega was still credited for making the game.
  • Zawell is based off different sea serpents from Greek Mythology.
  • The Nine Beasts are based off the Nine planets of the Solar-system Milky Way, 
    • Earth - The Golem
    • Venus - The Plant Beast
    • Mercury - The Poisonous living slime.
    • Mars - Fire Dragon
    • Saturn - the Brain Worm
    • Jupiter - Ice Beast
    • Uranus - Cosmic Mist
    • Neptune - Giant Crab
    • Pluto - Swarm
  • Princess Alice makes her first appearance in this game.
  • This marks the first use of the Mark 12 Evolution Engine in the remake in 2020!
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