L•K Toys is the American division of Latikuu Edacra for the distribution of the companies' toy brands in the United States and Canada, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1990 and was originally based out of Dallas, Texas until 1995 when it was moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee before moving to Cambridge in 2003. All of the company's toys are made in El Kadsre (Sankuro/South Comoeys City/La Tito), the United States (Leominster, Massachusetts), Argentina (Córdoba), Taiwan (Changhua/Taipei), Malaysia (Iskandar Puteri) and in Hong Kong at Latikuu's factories, whilst some toys are made by Heng Xin Industrial in Taiwan and Toy Design RAGE in South Korea.

Today, the unit is branded with the Latikuu name but L•K Toys remains as the company's legal name. L•K Toys still has it's own logo, but until 2015 it was solely used on legal papers and mail.

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