La K (in French: The K) is a French national cable & satellite TV channel, owned by El TV Kadsre Television Network.


La K launched in 1990. The channel initially had no French broadcasting license and was transmitted via Bucharest (actually from the Galați TV Tower in Galați, Romania). After being granted a French broadcasting license in 1992, transmissions were moved to Nice.

The channel first aired on May 5, 1990, the first program shown was Bonjour, c'est La K, filmed at El TV Kadsre Television Centre in El Kadsre City, El Kadsre. The presentation starred Pierre-Alain Barthélemy and numerous television stars from France and Quebec.

List of programming



  • L'Échappée (Canada) (2017-present)
  • Notre monde est sombre (El Kadsre) (1990-present) (Country of dubbing: France)


  • Toujours ouvert toutes les heures (United Kingdom) (2014-present) (Country of dubbing: France)

Children's (Youpi! La prochaine génération)

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