Ladinya (Ladinian: 中类东; Kon̆ Lêdyon̆; /kʰoŋ lɪɟoŋ/) officially Republic of Ladinya (Ladinian: 中类东共和国; Kon̆ Lêdyon̆ Kaû Hāzōng; /kʰoŋ lɪɟoŋ kaʉ χazɤnɢ/) is a country in Asia bordered by China and North Korea.


Ladinian Empire (1620-1824)

King Kroak Di Jo ruled Ladinya and created the Ladinian Empire in 1620.

French Rule (1824-1910)

In 1824, the French invaded and colonized Ladinya, marking the end of Ladinian Empire. The French originally wanted to change Ladinya's alphabet to Latin, but Ladinians protested, so Chinese Characters remained in use.

Vaxkut Cepit (1910-1955)

The French founded new cities called Vaxkut (now Lakhong) and Cepit (now Kyropt). They both were the capitals of the colony.

Modern Day Ladinya (1955-present)

Ladinya gained independence from France in 1955. The first president was Daw Javaaq Yakhirptuk, which died in 1960 March 1. The country celebrates March 1 as the national holiday of Ladinya, "Daw Yakhirptuk's Death Anniversary".


The population is 419,640,192 (2020 estimate).


The currency of Ladinya is Loti, divided into 50 kaapas. The GDP per capita of the country is $3,927 per person. The total GDP of the country is $99 trillion.


TV Networks are Ladinian National Broadcasting Service (LNBS), DajongTV, Canêli 8 etc.

Radio Networks are Radio Ladinya, MaxFM etc.

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