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"From the Tropicana Hotel, the most exciting game in town, "Las Vegas Celebrity Gambit"! And here's your host, Wink Martindale!"

Las Vegas Celebrity Gambit is an unsold celebrity version of Las Vegas Gambit produced by Merrill Heatter Productions in association with Filmways, hosted by Wink Martindale, announced by Kenny Williams and it is intended to air on November 30, 1981 on the 10 am slot, but NBC scrapped it and replaced with The Regis Philbin Show. It was taped on November 20, 1981, at the Tropicana Hotel.


The gameplay looks identical to the Las Vegas Gambit, except with celebrities. The bonus round "Gambit Galaxy" was reformatted into the bonus game of the daytime Hollywood Squares from 1976-1980, which consists of two new cars and a luxury trip, for a total of over $25,000 in cash & prizes.


  • The four celebrities in the show in the Contestants Row were Paul Lynde, the center square from Hollywood Squares, game show hosts Peter Marshall and Alex Trebek, and the host of American Bandstand, Dick Clark.
  • Kenny Williams appears on-camera.
  • The Gambit Galaxy bonus round was changed from the High Rollers bonus game to the daytime Hollywood Squares bonus game from 1976-1980.
  • The music cue that the celebrities won was the unused 1979 Hollywood Squares theme, "No. Hollywood".
  • At the end of the show, Kenny Williams signed off with "This has been a Merrill Heatter Production in association with Filmways".
  • By the time Las Vegas Celebrity Gambit was taped, Bob Quigley and Robert Noah, one of the producers of Las Vegas Gambit, left the show. Instead, Jay Redack, the producers of The Hollywood Squares and Battlestars produced the program.