Laser-Horn 3: Age of Giant Ape is an upcoming American live action/traditional hand-drawn 2D animated superhero musical film based on Adventures with Super-Flyer and it's sister show, The Land Before Time: Adventures in The Big City. It is the 18th film in the Dino-Superheroes Cinematic Universe and the sequel to Laser-Horn 2: Attack of the Aliens. Like its predecessors, the film is directed by Michael Bay; but with a different animation director, Davis Doi, combines live action (humans and World) and traditional hand-drawn 2D cel animation (Land Before Time characters) and produced by Universal Animation Studios, Amblin Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment and distributed by Universal Pictures and 20th Century Studios.

The film features characters from Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone (2005).


  • Tom Holland as Tooper Iwan, a 16-year old high school human.
  • Alexa PenaVega as Megan Paul
  • Daniel Stern as Josh Trac, a sergeant.
  • Brendan Fraser as Qwart Rin


  • Anndi McAfee as Cera the orange Threehorn/Laser-Horn
  • Alyssa Milano as 26, the young female Chasmosaurus
  • Jamie Kennedy as Spazz, the Dilphosaurus hatchling
  • Phil LaMarr as Stinktooth, the Tyrannosaurus Rex who helps 26.
  • Masasa Moya as Shanise, a female Corythosaurus
  • Kathy Griffin as Rhoga, the bossy Parasaurolophus
  • Wayne Knight as Thudd, the dimwitted Euoplocephalus
  • J.K. Simmons as Mr. Thicknose, a Pachyrhinosaurus
  • George Ball as Topsy, a Triceratops
  • Camryn Manheim as Tria, a Triceratops
  • Nika Futterman as Tricia/Cutie-Horn
  • Frank Welker as Sharpteeth



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