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LaserPhone, or simply known as Lasernology Phone, is a smartphone and mobile phone company owned by Lasernology. The company was founded in 1975.


Development of what was to become the LaserPhone began in 1972.

The first-generation model went on sale in the Piramca on December 3, 1975, followed by the other countries. Following the successful release in Piramca, LaserPhone was also introduced in some countries in between 1995.

It is the first touchscreen slate-phone model was released in April 2004.



As of 2017, there are 5 million+ applications available for LaserPhone and other Lasernology mobile devices.


The LaserPhone has received positive reviews. In its launch year, it was called "revolutionary", while newer iterations have received praise, such as being called "the best phone".

The LaserPhone attracts users of all ages, and besides consumer use, the LaserPhone has also been adopted for business purposes.