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Latikuu Edacra Group is an El Kadsreian multinational entertainment-focused holding company formed in 2001 from a corporate merger of then-rival video game companies Latikuu and Edacra. It specializes in toys, video games, arcades, animation, amusement parks, technology, clothing, and food & drink products.

The company is headquartered in the Latikuu Edacra Building in Kurokotan, El Kadsre City, El Kadsre. Their U.S./Canada branch, Latikuu Edacra Entertainment North America, was officially "formed" in 2001, and handles the US operations of the company from their headquarters in Braintree, Massachusetts.

Corporate history


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Latikuu started in 1958 as Latikuu Plastics Corporation Ltd., a distributor of foreign toys from the United States, United Kingdom and Japan. In 1968, the company entered the amusements industry by opening Latikuu Park in Stuartsville. In 1973, Latikuu Plastics Corporation Ltd. was reincorporated into Latikuu Entertainment after they begin venturing into the video game industry. In 1983, Latikuu established its film production and distribution arm Caldatite, and in September 1987, the company created their biggest hit in the video game market, X-Land, the success of the game led to sequels and spin-offs. By 1997, Latikuu was the third-largest toy company in the world.


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Edacra was founded in 1973 by Ikane Kuto. Edacra was an important player in the early video game industry, producing numerous arcade games, including hits like Off the Line, Nova Orbis and Antiblade.


In August 2000, Latikuu and Edacra announced their intent to merge to form the Latikuu Edacra Group. Officially, Edacra was purchased by Latikuu for US$1.7 billion. 57% of the company's holding went to Latikuu while 43% went to Edacra. On January 30, 2001, Latikuu and Edacra confirmed the merger had closed, officially forming the company.