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Latikuu Park is a major recreation complex in Stuartsville, El Kadsre. It consists of one of El Kadsre's largest outdoor amusement parks, an indoor theme park, a large water park, a shopping mall, a casino, a El Kadsreian history museum, and a El TV Kadsre Cinemas multiplex. Opened on June 20, 1968 with just the outdoor amusement park, Latikuu Park receives 6.3 million visitors each year.

Current rides & attractions

Latikuu Park - Outdoors

Roller coasters

  • Harpoon (2001; a B&M Batman Clone)
  • Redwall: Fight for Victory (2004; a B&M Flying Coaster, "Fight for Victory" name sub-licensed from Carwardine Parks while the Redwall license itself is controlled by Latikuu Edacra and The Redwall Abbey Company Ltd.)
  • Slaughterhouse (2005; a Vekoma LSM Coaster that passes through the titular serial killer slaughterhouse (which incorporates a retired PAVE PAWS array as part of the theme structure) and has 4 inversions)

Flat rides

  • Ferris Wheel (1968; a ferris wheel built in-house)