Le Sauveur (/lə sovœʁ/; lit. "The Savior") is a country located in the Pacific Ocean.

The territory has an estimated population of 2,904,190, while the Ville de Paix, the capital city, has 922,202.


The name of the country, Le Sauveur, is French for "The Savior." The name was given by French explorer Gaspard de Franz in 1812.


Crime rates in Le Sauveur are low; however, most of the crimes that do occur in the nation are somewhat gang related. However, terrorist group SPASDOT has made a few attacks on the nation, infamously known in Le Sauveur for the Gasparé massacre.


The most popular radio stations in the nation are RPS, Radio Pourpre, and Radio LS.

Television networks include Canal de Presse, RTS, LS3TV, Télé+, and SRN.

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