Lechutan is an El Kadsreian territory in the Java Sea. The official languages spoken is Indonesian and English. The regional languages are Lonzeian, Spanish, Malay, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

The capital of the territory, Yokotari, is the largest city in the territory and it has 2.4 million residents, while the territory actually has around 8.6 million residents.


On 1948, Indonesia bought Lechutan from Herzoland and become Indonesian province.

On July 6, 1972, the Vlokozu Union bought Lechutan from Indonesia and become Vlokozuian Territory.

In 1989, the Vlokozu Union was split up, which caused Lechutan to end up which is now an El Kadsreian Territory.






Most of Lechutan's radio stations are on the FM band. The nation is linked to the El Kadsre, Indonesia and Croeya by satellite communications for telephone and television service. Lechutan uses both NTSC and PAL analog television services and DVB-T digital television services.

The territory of Lechutan is served by thirty-five television stations, El TV Kadsre Lechutan, RGN Lechutan, TVDH, CT Lechutan, TVIC Lechutan, Chronoteve, TV6, TVRI Lechutan (affiliated with TVRI Nasional), TV+ (Formerly Central Infodyna Televisi), ATL (affiliated with Jawa Pos TV), ZEBC Panasia, Yokotari TV, BTV Lechutan, RCTI Network Lechutan, MNCTV Yokotari, SCTV Yokotari, GTV Yokotari, , antv Yokotari, Indosiar Yokotari, MetroTV Lechutan, Trans7 Yokotari, Trans TV Yokotari, tvOne Yokotari, Megakarya 1, LECTV, RTL, INews Yokotari (Formerly LMEC), Kompas TV Lechutan (Formerly TV9), NET. Yokotari (Formerly Spacetoon Lechutan), TVUL (affiliated with Jawa Pos TV), O Channel Yokotari, Orizeu TV, MYTV Yokotari (Formerly Teleworks), Jak TV Yokotari and RTV Lechutan.

Local cable provider Primedia Kenzion, operating across the island, carries El Kadsre, United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Croeya TV channels in both NTSC and PAL.

Fire Services

There are five fire stations in Lechutan.


The population is about of 8,603,295 as of 2019.

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