Legends of the Toa is a tokusatsu action adventure television series aired on El TV Kadsre 1 since March 13, 2015. It is adapted from the Bionicle Advanced comic written by Mehboob.


With their guides, fellow Order of Mata Nui members Darren and Kouji and the new Toa, the Toa Magia, save the world from monsters and villains.


Development and production

Pasi Peure stated in a interview "This is not a new Bionicle project... this is a retry, not a reboot." The series incorporates scrapped ideas (such as shapeshifting guides, shapeshifter assassins, and cyborg dinosaurs, which were to be seen in cancelled films, the original version of Bionicle X and Bionicle XI.) as well as the concepts from Mehboob's comics.

Kruku Makusa was originally going to reprise his role as Em Yoshimura in the show, but he turned it down due to his ill health. He died two months before the show's premiere. Halcyone Ferrara was also asked to reprise her role as Aquila Hadaway in the show but she refused because she pointed that she was already in two Technic Heroes shows.


In Brazil, Gloob debuted the series in late 2015. Baryvision Sound Studios dubs the series into Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese at their Los Angeles studio.

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