Life is Showtime is a 2009 animated short film produced by Drillimation Studios. Taking place after the events of the film Blitzivan X Touhou Project. Life is Showtime was released on the Blitzivan X Touhou Project DVD and Blu-Ray on September 2009.

The short simply involves around Blitzivan, Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, and the citizens of Gensokyo as they watch an episode of Touhou Project: The Animated Series together.


In the Hakurei Shrine, a portal suddenly opened inside, revealing Blitzivan who excitedly announces his return. Reimu and Marisa were excited to see Blitzivan again and asks what he'll do in their world. Blitzivan answers that he'll be showing off a tech from his world which will surprise and entertain the citizens of Gensokyo, which left them intrigued. Blitzivan then places a flat-screen TV on the floor, plugged in a custom-made VCR, and inserts a VHS copy of an episode of Touhou Project: The Animated Series. Blitzivan tells Alice to gather all the people to the shrine so that they can watch as well.

The TV then shows the opening, which shows all the main characters. While Marisa and the crew where enthusiastic, Reimu felt skeptical about it, since she felt the people in Blitzivan's world portrayed them very inaccurately. Even so, she decided to watch it anyway to see what the people in Blitzivan's world came up with.

the first scene shows Susumu Takajima (in live-action form) explaining that will happen later in the episode. The crew were surprised - and even asked Blitzivan on who he is. Blitzivan explains Susumu Takajima, who would narrate the adventures of the Shrine maidens, like if he was telling a legend.

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