Linkits is an animated television series produced by DiC Animation City. It ran from July 12 to November 22 of 1986 for 1 season of 65 episodes. It was based on the Linkits toys by Matchbox.

Voice Cast

  • Tom Rannells - Ricky the Good Robug, Valerus the Good Robug, Naxximus the Evil Robug
  • Henry Corden - Narrator, Master Robug, Norbert Ika the Traidon
  • Sal Behm - Wilan the Macro Robug, Maxximus the Star Warrior
  • Bob Spahia - Luke Erratus the Traidon, Courous the Evil Robug
  • Louise Vallance - Mary Rozzimo the Traidon, Venius the Traidon Sorceress, Lazza the Good Robug
  • Maura Seoige - Alice Rozzimo the Traidon, Keisha Tramus the Traidon, Traxia the Evil Robug, Alexius the Kranial Sorceress
  • Douglas Stone - Alex Ewerq the Traidon, Rocko the Traidon Emperor, Bliss Nicks the Traidon
  • Morris Bausch - Morismus the Kranial Emperor, Ilazus the Kranial Sorcerer
  • Logan Jay Birrell - Complexo the Traidon Emperor, Blackmon the Traidon Sorcerer
  • Alexus Catleugh - Jaffak the Evil Robug, Ozzimar the Evil Robug
  • Samuel Bergkamp - Heypolin the Good Robug, Stracdez the Evil Robug
  • Charlie La Cour - Olas the Evil Robug


For one season, a total of 65 episodes were produced. The series was animated in Japan by KK DiC Asia (aka KK C&D Asia), Tokyo Movie Shinsha, Trans Arts, DEEN, Sunrise, and Studio Junio.

Since the toyline never gave names for much of the characters aside from Ricky, the development team (consisting of Jean Chapolin, J. Michael Straczynski, Terrence McDonnell, Phil Mendez and Alan Swayze) created distinct names and personalities for the characters.

Home Video

Several episodes of the series were released under Karl-Lorimar's "Kideo Video" branding on VHS in the 1980s, with two episodes per tape.


IGN gave the show a honorable mention in their Top 100 Animated Series list.

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