The borderlines past the area show the old borders of the countries and SSRs that ceded land to Lintena.


Lintena (sometimes spelled Lintenia) is a country which acheived independence from Kazakh SSR, Russian SFSR, China and Mongolia in 1979. Palan and English are the official languages. Its capital city is located in the Far West governorate, and is called Northon.  Some notable cities are Palamo, Alanis, Anairo, Hale, Tinesgale, and Polkey. Porn is banned, and the Lintena Culture Ministry has made complaints against a select few Youtube videos, thus are banned. The government also bans Elsagate due to the dangers. In fact, the government bans about 500,000 videos a day because they are Elsagate. Cars here drive on the left, causing a Hong Kong-China situation in which there are bridges between each bordering country that swap the sides from left to right and vice versa. At one point in 1978, some people had a war. In 1993, Lintena had a war with Kyrgyzstan, one of its bordering countries, because Kyrgyzstan invaded one of its allies, Kazakhstan.


Lintena has 3 regions: Western Palanto, Eastern Palanto and Lincoln. Western Palanto has 3 governorates: Far West, Casey and Pinnilly. Eastern Palanto has 3 governorates: Kelen, Agnel and Pines West. Lincoln has 2 governorates: Lincoln and Pines East. But there are talks to split 2 governorates off of Lincoln governorate. As for the governorates, there are 5, possibly 7 if the government decides to split the 2 potential governorates off of Lincoln, which would cause Lincoln to become a separate region, Pines West and Pines East to become one region, and the Eastern Palanto region to dissolve and become part of Western Palanto.

As of September 2018, Cosmo Falls and Hadley governorates split off from Lincoln.

Governors are appointed for each governorate, except for Lincoln, which has 3 due to the plan to make Lincoln 3 governorates.

  • Far West Governor: Carson Polk
  • Casey Governor: Lincoln Pines
  • Pinnilly Governor: Haley Canton
  • Kelen Governor: Toshio Kanoto
  • Pines West Governor: Malujak Zanomor
  • Agnel Governor: Halopumo Manakozer
  • Pines East Governor: Martin Pratt
  • Lincoln Governors: Naluko Zapala, Haley Zamukuze and Donald Tarak
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