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Lion Kingdom (Japanese:ライオンキングダム Raionkingudamu) are the universe series of 5 (from April 6, 2019) series existed from 1974 and aired on NHK. The series aired one episode each Monday, Wednesday,

Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

List of series

  • The Lost King of Lions (Japanese: 失われたライオンズ王) aired on NHK from March 1974 to June 1981. The series have 7 seasons and 256 episodes, along with a special and a TV movie.
  • King Leo-Lion Monarch (Japanese: キングレオライオンモナーク) aired on NHK from July 1981 to March 1991. The series have 2 seasons and 24 episodes, along with 3 specials and a TV movie.
  • Tiger Warrior: The King Leo is murdered (Japanese: 虎戦士:レオ王は殺害されました ) The series is about the murder of King Leo and Tiger Warrior's life from born to excecution. It aired on NHK from July 1991 to August 2000. The series have 3 seasons and 112 episodes, along with 4 specials and 2 TV movies.
  • New King Leo: No more murdering (Japanese: 新王レオ:これ以上の殺人) aired on NHK from December 2000 to August 2009. The series has 5 seasons and 216 episodes.
  • New Monarch of Lions  (Japanese: ライオンズの新君主) aired on NHK from October 2009 to August 2016. The series has 5 seasons and 155 episodes.
  • Leo the Second: Present Monarch of Lions (Japanese: 第2回レオ:現在のライオンズ君主) aired from November 2016 to December 2018. The series has 2 seasons and 96 episodes.
  • New Adventures of Leo the Second: Our Awesome Monarch of Lions (Japanese: 第二のレオの新たな冒険:ライオンズの私たちの素晴らしい君主) will be the upcoming series, will be airing on NHK from April 2019.