This article is about the franchise as a whole. For the first game in the series, see Lions Breed (video game).

  Lions Breed, also referred as the Lions Breed Series, is an action/adventure game franchise developed by Tenma Games.


Lions Breed is an action-adventure game series that combines the gameplay of Final Fantasy and Touhou Project. Viewed from a top-down perspective in the first to installments and from a switchable third-person camera from Lions Breed 3 onwards, players explore various worlds and engage in combat with various enemies and bosses. Experience points are earned as the player kills enemies and grazes their attacks, a carryover from the Touhou Project series.



  • Lions Breed (1992) [Lunalia, PC-X, SNES, Genesis, TS-UGOS, MS-DOS]
  • Lions Breed 2 (1994) [Lunalia, TS-UGOS, PC, EKS Vortex, PC-X, SNES, TS-UGOS]
  • Lions Breed 3 (1997) [EKS Vortex, Lunalia, TS-UGOS, PSX, N64, Gameshock 64, PC]
  • Lions Breed 1 Mini (1998) [Gameboy Color, Shinkyon Millenium]
  • Lions Breed 4 (2000) [Lunalia, TS-UGOS, EKS Vortex, PC, PSX, N64, Dreamcast]
  • Lions Breed 2 Mini (2002) [Gameboy Advance, Shinkyon Millenium
  • Lions Breed 5 (2003) [PC, TS-UGOS, Lunalia, PS2, Nintendo Gamecube, Gameshock Exodus, XBOX]
  • Lions Breed 6 (2006) [PC, TS-UGOS, Lunalia, PS2, Gameshock Wolf, XBOX 360]
  • Lions Breed Reinmaginated (2006) [Lunalia, PC, TS-UGOS, EKS Vortex, Wii, Shinkyon Wolf]
  • Lions Breed Collection (2007) [PC, TS-UGOS, EKS Vortex, Lunalia, PS3, Wii, XBOX 360)
  • Lions Breed 7 (2010) [PC. TS-UGOS, EKS Vortex, Lunalia, PS3, Wii, XBOX 360, Gameshock Wolf)
  • Lions Breed 1+2 (2010) [Nintendo DS, Playwalker 4]
  • Lions Breed 3D (2012) [Nintendo 3DS]
  • Lions Breed 7 (2013) [Playstation 3, XBOX 360, Wii UGameshock Wolf, PC, TS-UGOS, EKS Vortex, Lunalia]
  • Lions Breed 4+5 (2014) [Nintendo 3DS, Playwalker Note]
  • Lions Breed 8 (2017) [PC, TSUG, EKS Vortex, PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch, Gameshock Delta]
  • Lions Breed 6 Pocket (2019) [PC, Nintendo 3DS, Playwalker Note]


Lions Breed Assault

  • Lions Breed Assault (1996) [Arcade, Lunalia, PSX, Nintendo 64, Gameshock 64]
  • Lions Breed Assault 2 (1999) [Arcade, PSX, Nintendo 64, Gameshock 64, Gameshock 64]
  • Lions Breed Assault Tag (2001) [Arcade, PC, Lunalia, PS2, Sega Dreamcast]
  • Lions Breed Assault 1+2 (2002) [PC, TS-UGOS, Lunalia, PC-X]
  • Lions Breed Assault 3 (2005) [Arcade, TS-UGOS, PC, Lunalia, PC-X, PS2, Gameshock Exodus]
  • Lions Breed Assault IV (2008) [Arcade, TS-UGOS, PC, Lunalia, PS2, Wii, XBOX 360]
  • Lions Breed Assault Classic Trillogy (2009) [PC, TS-UGOS, Lunalia. Gameshock Wolf]
  • Lions Breed Assaullt 5 (2011) [Arcade, TS-UGOS, PC, Lunalia, PS3, XBOX 360]
  • Lions Breed 5: Ultimate Edition (2015) [Arcade, TS-UGOS, PC, Lunalia, PS3, XBOX 360, Wii U]
  • Lions Breed Assault 5: Switch Edition (2017) [Nintendo Switch]
  • Lions Breed Assault X (2018) [Arcade, TSUG, PC, Lunalia, PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch]

Galaxy Krakens

  • Galaxy Krakens (2002) [PC, PS2, TS-UGOS, Lunalia]
  • Galaxy Krakens 2 (2004) [PC, TS-UGOS, Lunalia, PS2]
  • Galaxy Krakens Dual (2008) [Wii, Gameshock Wolf]
  • Galaxy Krakens 3 (2011) [PC, TS-UGOS, Lunalia, EKS Vortex]
  • Galaxy Krakens Touch (2015) [iOS, Android, PTSUG]
  • Galaxy Krakens Mania (2017) [iOS, Android, PTSUG]
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