This is a list of games released on the Century 16 games released in Eruowood from 1990 to 1999. It doesn't include homebrews/hacks, bootlegs, and pirated games.

Title Publisher Year released in Eruowood EUMRS rating Notes
Aladdin Capcom 1993 K
Baku Baku Animal Sega 1996 K
Barney and Baby Bop's Coloring Book Adventure Virgin Games 1993 K
Barney's ABC's Hasbro 1994 K
Barney's Numbers TechEruo 1994 K
Batman: The Animated Series Konami 1993 7+
Batman: The Dark Knight Sunsoft 1990 PG
Batman Forever Acclaim 1994 PG
Batman Returns Sunsoft 1992 PG
Battletoads Acclaim 1991 7+
Battletoads & Double Dragon Acclaim 1993 7+
Bionicle Force Cops TechEruo 1993 PG
Chuck Rock Virgin Games 1992 7+
ClayFighter Interplay 1993 7+
Disneyland Eruowood Adventure Virgin Games 1998 GA Last Disney game released on the Century 16 in Eruowood.
Doom Id Software 1995 M17
Double Dare GameTek 1990 GA
Double Dragon Acclaim 1990 PG
Double Dragon II: The Revenge Acclaim 1991 PG
Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones Acclaim 1992 PG
Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls Tradewest 1994 PG
Dragonball: Goku's Childhood Adventure Bandai 1992 7+
Dragonball 2: The Z-Fighters Saga Bandai 1993 PG Released before Dragonball Z started to air on Eruowoodian television.
Dragonball Z: Cell Games Bandai 1995 PG
Dragonball Z: Evil Freeza Bandai 1994 PG
Dragonball Z: Hyper Dimension Bandai 1997 13+ Also released in North America as Dragonball Z. Rated 13+ instead of PG due to standards changing from EUMRS.
Dragonball Z Tenkaichi Bandai 1999 13+
Dragonball Z Tournament Fighters Bandai 1993 PG
Earthworm Jim TechEruo 1994 7+
Exosquad TechEruo 1995 PG Originally released with a 13+ EURMS rating, but changed due to consumer outrage.
FIFA International Soccer Electronic Arts 1994 GA Released in North America as FIFA Soccer '95.
FIFA Soccer '96 Electronic Arts 1995 GA
FIFA Soccer '97 Electronic Arts 1996 GA
FIFA Soccer '98 Electronic Arts 1997 GA AKA FIFA Road to World Cup Soccer '98.
Final Fight Capcom 1992 PG
Home Alone THQ 1991 7+
Home Alone 2 THQ 1992 7+
It Came from the Desert Cinemaware 1990 13+
Jeopardy! GameTek 1991 GA
Jeopardy! Kids Edition GameTek 1992 7+
Jeopardy! Sports Edition GameTek 1993 GA
Lethal Enforcers Konami 1993 MR17 Only uses the standard Century 16 controllers since there was never a light gun peripheral released for the Century 16. Criticized as the worst home port of Lethal Enforcers. Has the "TechEruo Mature Content Advisory" label pre-ratings.
The Lion King Virgin Games 1994 GA
Mario's Super Planet Nintendo 1998 GA Features all levels from Super Mario Bros, The Lost Levels, 2, 3, World & Yoshi's Island. One of the last games released on Century 16. Recalled in January 1999 after a dummy video file was found in the game containing actual footage of Princess Diana's car crash.
Mega Man & Bass Capcom 1999 7+ Last official game released for Century 16.
Mega Man 7 Capcom 1995 7+ Does not contain video cut scenes.
Mega Man X Capcom 1994 7+
Mega Man X 4 Capcom 1997 PG Does not contain video cut scenes.
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake Konami 1990 M17
MIDI Maze Bulletproof Software 1990 GA
Mr. Do! TechEruo 1990 GA Launch title.
Mortal Kombat Acclaim 1993 MR17 (original rating)
M17 (re-rating)
Has the same fatalities as the Super Nintendo version and the blood was recolored to green. Was re-rated from MR17 to M17 to get more stores to sell the game.
Mortal Kombat II Acclaim 1994 M17
Mortal Kombat 3 Acclaim 1995 M17
Nickelodeon Guts Viacom New Media 1994 7+
Ninja Gaiden Temco 1990 13+
Rescue 911 Malibu Games 1994 13+
Shaq Fu Electronic Arts 1994 13+
Shinobi Sega 1990 PG
Shinobi II Sega 1991 PG A port of Revenge of Shinobi.
Street Fighter Capcom 1990 13+ First Street Fighter game on a home console. The NPCs from the original arcade version are only playable in the two player versus mode.
Street Fighter Alpha: Warrior's Dreams Capcom 1995 13+
Street Fighter Alpha 2 Capcom 1996 13+
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Capcom 1992 13+
Street Fighter II Turbo Champion Edition Capcom 1993 13+
Super Sloppy Double Dare GameTek 1990 7+
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers Capcom 1994 13+ All of the male characters use Ryu's death cry and all of the female characters use Chun-Li's death cry when they get knocked out.
Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad Spectrum HoloByte 1995 7+
Sword Quest Airworld TechEruo 1992 PG
Sword Quest Earthworld TechEruo 1991 PG
Sword Quest Fireworld TechEruo 1991 PG
Sword Quest Waterworld TechEruo 1992 PG
Tapper TechEruo 1990 GA The beer has been replaced in this version with cola instead of root beer also the bar was redesigned to resemble more of a diner. Launch title.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game Konami 1991 7+
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters Konami 1993 7+
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Konami 1992 7+
Tetris Nintendo 1990 GA
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends THQ 1994 K
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends: Mr. Conductor's Magic Tracks TechEruo 1993 K
Toy Story Disney Interactive 1995 GA
Trog! Acclaim 1992 GA
Texter's Keys to Adventure TechEruo 1992 GA Requires the Type Texter controller.
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Midway 1996 M17
Virtual Bart Acclaim 1994 PG
Wheel of Fortune GameTek 1990 GA
Wheel of Fortune Kids Edition GameTek 1991 7+
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? Broderbund 1991 GA
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Broderbund 1992 GA Based on The game show of the same name. Features the "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" song by Rockapella.
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