This is a list of Family Computer games released in Croeya from 1986 to 1995. Does not include homebrews, hacks, unlicensed games, or bootlegs.
Title Publisher Year released in Croeya Notes
1942 Capcom 1986
Air Fortress Hal 1989
Battle City Namco 1987
Blaster Master Sunsoft 1988
Contra Konami 1988
Contra 2: Super C Konami 1989 AKA Super Contra
Donkey Kong Nintendo 1986 Launch title.
Donkey Kong Jr. Nintendo 1986 Launch title.
Duck Hunt Nintendo 1986 Requires the Beam Gun accessory. Launch title.
Dr. Mario Nintendo 1990
Dragonball Bandai 1987
Dragonball 2: Revenge of King Piccolo Bandai 1988 AKA Dragon Ball: Daimaō Fukkatsu.
Dragonball 3: Goku's Story Bandai 1990
Dynowarz Bandai 1989
Gunsmoke Capcom 1987
Gyromite Nintendo 1986 Requires the R.O.B. accessory. Launch title.
The Legend of Zelda Nintendo 1987
Mario Bros. Nintendo 1986 Launch title.
Mega Man Capcom 1987
Mega Man 2 Capcom 1989
Mega Man 3 Capcom 1990
Mega Man 4 Capcom 1991
Mega Man 5 Capcom 1992
Mega Man 6 Capcom 1993 Last Mega Man game released on the Famicom.
Ms. Pac-Man Namco 1987
Mr. Driller Namco 1987
Ninja Gaiden Temco 1989
Pac-Man Namco 1987
Stack Up Nintendo 1986 Requires the R.O.B. accessory. Launch title.
Super Mario Bros. Nintendo 1986 Launch title. Original pack-in title.
Super Mario Bros. 2 Nintendo 1988 A port of the "Lost Levels" version of SMB 2.
Super Mario Bros. 3 Nintendo 1990 Later pack-in game.
Super Mario Bros. USA Nintendo 1989 AKA Super Mario Bros. 2 (the North American version).
Tetris Nintendo 1989
Tetris 2 Nintendo 1992
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