This is a list of Game Boy games released in Eruowood from 1989 to 1999. Does not include homebrews, hacks, unlicensed games, or bootlegs.

Title Publisher Year released in Eruowood Notes
Disneyland Eruowood Adventure Virgin Games 1998
Dr. Mario Nintendo 1990
Faceball 2000 Bulletproof Software 1991
Fireman Sam 2 the Rescue! Ermery Games 1990
Fireman Sam: Search and Rescue Ermery Games 1992
Pokemon Blue Version Nintendo 1998
Pokemon Red Version Nintendo 1998
Super Mario Land Nintendo 1989
Tetris Nintendo 1989
Tetris 2 Nintendo 1992
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends: Mr. Conductor's Magic Tracks TechEruo 1994
Yoshi Nintendo 1991
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