This is an episode listing of the magical girl anime series Magical Girl Team Lucky Star. Almost every episode's title is a parody of a classical book or story.

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Season 1 (1981/1990 - 1982/1991)

No. Episode Japanese Air Date North American Air Date
1 A Lucky Star is Born February 22, 1981 February 24, 1990
"I married Konata's mother for love. Manhole killed her and I cried. I met up with Yui and Yutaka's parents, they died and ended up living with Konata."
- Soujirou Izumi, to Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki

The main characters are introduced, and Konata and Kagami discuss the legend of the Lucky Star Kingdom. After Kagami is kicked out of Konata's house by Soujirou, Kagami and all of Konata's friends are ultimately banned from entering Konata's house. At the Lucky Star Kingdom, Prince Susumu Hori is presented with a jar containing the soul of the youkai Kanata Izumi whom which Minami revived from Keel, whom which Minami decides to have Kanata reunite with her husband, Soujirou. To celebrate their reunion, Minami holds a coronation for the Izumi Clan and makes Konata the princess of the Lucky Star Kingdom.

In Lucky Channel, Akira and Minoru are introduced, and Minoru tells the story of the Lucky Star Kingdom's reunion and his experience at the banquet to Akira.

2 High School Emergency March 1, 1981 March 3, 1990
"You haven't done this before. This pearl will give you something that can fend off the enemy!"
- Kanata Izumi, to Konata

Konata fights her first enemy, which is a Team Ankoku hacker. When Konata hears the news of a Team Ankoku hacker invading Ryou Gakuen High School, she finds a pink pearl on the ground, and when exposed to it, she transforms into her alter-ego superpower that can let her fight. Konata realizes that the power that was given to her by the pearl automatically makes her a driller of the Drill Council. While fighting, Konata learns a special move that can let her transform into Princess Konata in the overworld outside the Lucky Star Kingdom.

In Lucky Channel, the two discuss lockdowns and Akira's backstory against one.

3 The Resurrection of Dr. Manhole March 8, 1981 March 10, 1990
"Princess Konata, terrible terrible news! The Earthrealm is in serious danger! Team Ankoku unwittingly cast an evil spell upon us, by resurrecting Dr. Manhole from his tomb."
- Hiyori Tamura, to Konata

Hiyori Tamura is introduced, and Konata wakes up and goes outside on a busy Saturday morning, only to hear from Hiyori Tamura, that Dr. Manhole was once again resurrected. As Hiyori explains, she tells that Susumu's ancestors created a powerful potion that could seal an evil spirit or enemy into the ground. Hiyori then invites Konata to her house to play Nintendo and ultimately beats her. When Hiyori's mother comes in and asks her what she wants for lunch, Konata reveals her full name to her mother. As they eat, Hiyori's mother doesn't realize Konata was the princess of the Lucky Star Kingdom and was a driller of the Driller Institute.

In Lucky Channel, the two describe how Dr. Manhole is undefeatable.

4 Kagami Becomes a Magical Girl March 15, 1981 March 17, 1990
"Wow, combination of a driller and miko. Now I obviously know why that shide is made out of metal."
- Tsukasa Hiiragi, describing the Flame Gohei

The lunch break at school begins, and Kagami comes to eat with Konata. As they eat, the two discuss legends about magical girls and Konata encourages Kagami to become one. After school, Konata and Kagami visit the Takanomiya Shrine and construct a gohei that Konata can use as a miko, and while Konata and Kagami are eating dinner, Inori Hiiragi, the eldest sister of the Hiiragi legacy, comes in dirty after a day full of mining. Inori lends Kagami some of the iron she collected while mining and Konata asks Kagami to make the gohei that they were constructing into a weapon by making the shide out of metal, but Kagami does it to her existing gohei and lends Kagami lends the new gohei to Konata. One night, as the group are walking down a park, a Team Ankoku hacker strangles Tsukasa to the ground and attempts to kill her. Konata transforms into Lucky Star and tries to kill the Team Ankoku hacker with the lightning rod, but realizes it's out of power. As the Team Ankoku hacker is just about ready to kill Tsukasa, Yui Narumi, Konata's cousin appears and attacks the Team Ankoku hacker with a taser.

In Lucky Channel, Minoru tells Akira how Tsukasa was almost killed by a Team Ankoku hacker.

5 The Team Ankoku Revolution March 22, 1981 March 24, 1990
"Oh no! The evil Team Ankoku has returned for evil plans!"
- Tsukasa Hiiragi

The group visit Konata's house after school, and as the group except Tsukasa are playing Driller Engine Grand Prix, Tsukasa barges in worried and inform the girls that Team Ankoku was planning to attack Kasukabe. In addition, Tsukasa hijacks Konata's computer and shows them the blog post they made. When the word was spread, all the villagers of the Lucky Star Kingdom prepare to attack as Team Ankoku might invade the Lucky Star Kingdom. For the first time in the series, but not always, Konata transforms into Princess Konata in her school uniform and defeats a group of Team Ankoku hackers using the Lightning Rod and a Spiny Shell.

In Lucky Channel, the two discuss how well the Space Ninja Team Star Trigon did and how Minoru watched Wataru attack in the past.

6 A New Beginning March 29, 1981 March 31, 1990
"Princess Konata, what sport do you want to do for this tournament?"
- Kanata Izumi, to Konata.

The school year ends, and the group spend the week-long break at the Lucky Star Kingdom. At the kingdom, Kanata and Soujirou discuss what could they do to open the next school year at Ryou Gakuen High School. Konata decides to have them do Mario Kart as the sport, and decide to have two people on one kart at the same time. Before the race, Konata asks Susumu to build the Lightning Star for the race and ultimately does it. At the race, Konata and Susumu try to do a rocket start but ends in disaster as they spin out, leaving them behind. The two still manage to win first place via a thunderbolt and spiny shell.

In Lucky Channel, the two discuss what they like to do when the school year ends.

7 The Girl Who Dashes Off April 5, 1981 April 7, 1990
"'Cause if I got on a team and started playing sports, I'd miss all of my prime-time anime shows."
- Konata Izumi

The new school year begins, and Konata is mad because Kagami got separated into a different class. The four main characters go into everyday life, as they attend their second year at Ryou Gakuen High School. The first discussion of chocolate cornet begins. One of Konata's royal sisters, Kagami Hiiragi, gets sick from a cold, and her friends come over to see how she is doing.

In Lucky Channel, Akira questions her cheap pay, even though she is an idol.

8 The Koopa and the Fence April 12, 1981 April 14, 1990
"So if I flip a coin, what are my chances of knocking his head off?"
- Kimberly Koopa, to Konata

On a bright Saturday morning, Konata gets up and tries to do her usual laziness of watching anime, playing video games, and reading manga, but is interrupted by Soujirou who tells Konata to go outside and be with someone else. To prevent Konata from escaping, Soujirou forces Konata to paint the entire fence white. While painting, Konata's long-lost companion, Kimberly Koopa, shows up and reunites with Konata, and together, they paint the fence, and during the process, Kimberly makes an innuendo finding a way to erase Konata's abusive father.

In Lucky Channel, the two discuss how painting is such a mess.

9 Kagami's Eternal Sleep April 19, 1981 April 21, 1990
"Ugh, I'm getting sleepy!"
- Kagami Hiiragi, yawning

Konata spends a weekend at the Lucky Star Kingdom, and during dinner, Kagami gets sleepy and goes to sleep in Kanata and Soujirou's bed. When Konata, Tsukasa, and Miyuki try to wake her up, she doesn't respond. This causes Susumu to make a potion that wakes Kagami up.

In Lucky Channel, the two discuss on how much they hate sleep.

10 Kasukabe's Ancient Time April 26, 1981 April 28, 1990
"Tsukasa has a server."
- Wataru Hoshi, repeating it over and over again on Creation Wiki chat

The group discuss what if Kasukabe was in ancient times but with modern technology. Konata imagines herself and Miyuki as miko (shrine maidens), as well as Kagami and Tsukasa as magicians. After Konata goes to bed, she dreams the dream she was discussing that day. During the dream, the group go on Creation Wiki chat and discuss the spells they have been brewing, all of a sudden, Wataru Hoshi goes on the chat and try discussing Tsukasa's server, but she doesn't want Wataru talking about her server, and spams the chatroom by saying "Tsukasa has a server".

In Lucky Channel, Minoru tells Akira on how he hates playing Madden Mobile due to the fact that they like to screw people over for their servers, and how he has to contact a support guy on fixing his server errors.

11 Efforts and Results May 3, 1981 May 5, 1990
"Gosh dang you, you always get the good stuff!"
- Akira Kogami, to Minoru

Throughout Golden Week, Kagami and Tsukasa have been playing together, however, Tsukasa does not know her sister has actually been waking up earlier and going to bed later, in order to study and finish homework. After the break, Konata pulls an all-nighter and manages to obtain an above-average score, despite doing no studying during the short vacation. To fund her otaku desires, Konata decides to get a part-time job, with the position greatly surprising her friends and it suits her perfectly.

In Lucky Channel, Akira is mad since Minoru gets to appear in the actual show. She then goes on to help Minoru practice his lines right there on the set.

12 Day One in the Republic of Guy May 10, 1981 May 12, 1990
"You're a doctor? Then do it!"
- Guyish bomb maker, to Kagami

Team Ankoku invades the Republic of Guy, and the group take an all-out trip to Guy City, RG to stop them. During the battle, Kagami is forced to deliver a baby to a Guyish bomb maker, which causes her to not assist Konata, Tsukasa, and Miyuki. When the group return to Kasukabe, Kagami suffers a fever that causes her to not attend school for a day.

In Lucky Channel, the two discuss the battle in RG that the girls were involved in.

13 A Storytelling Doujinshi May 17, 1981 May 19, 1990
"It was nearly a psychedelic nightmare, but thank goodness you saved me."
- Hiyori Tamura, to Princess Konata, Queen Kanata, and King Soujirou

During a stay at the Lucky Star Kingdom, Konata meets a new girl, Hiyori Tamura. Tamura then explains a near-death experience she had out in the Pacific Ocean. The story begins with Hiyori spending a day at the beach. During her beach visit, she encounters a group of Team Ankoku hackers who then kidnap her and take her to the other side of the Pacific Ocean, but Hiyori ultimately escapes the vessel. Unable to swim, a near-invisible youkai casts a spell on Hiyori that causes her to temporarily transform into a mermaid. While underwater, a rescue carrier from the Lucky Star Kingdom finds Hiyori and saves her. After being brought into the Lucky Star Kingdom, the youkai spell wears off and Hiyori is returned to normal.

In Lucky Channel, the two discuss what it could be like in near-death situations.

14 A School Day Gone Wrong May 24, 1981 May 26, 1990
"Who pulled the fire alarm when there wasn't a fire?!"
- Konata Izumi, to Hiyori Tamura

It's a normal day at school during Konata's science class. In the middle of the day, someone pulls the fire alarm to cause a fire drill. After the drill, a new student named Iwata Matamosu was revealed to have caused it, who is later expelled and transferred to a military school. Back at school, the same youkai from the previous episode kidnaps Ms. Kuroi, who then goes on a deadly rampage around Ryou Gakuen High School of Magic and Drilling. Konata's youkai mother saves all of the students after Konata transforms into Lucky Star and beats the youkai.

In Lucky Channel, the two discuss what to do when there's a false alarm or a school incident.

22 The Famous Shooter July 19, 1981 July 21, 1990
"Whoa, you're wearing yours with a tied sash?"
- Kagami Hiiragi, to Konata

Summer vacation begins, and Konata, the Hiiragi twins, and Miyuki go to a summer festival, dressed in yukata. Yui Narumi, Konata's cousin, appears at the festival, currently on patrol at the festival. Konata and Nanako chat over an MMORPG, and later, Konata and the twins meet to do homework together. Back at her house, Konata finds a rare item drop on the game and celebrates it with her online friends.

In Lucky Channel, Akira shares her insights on online games and how it was when she was younger.

45 Let's Go to the Festival December 27, 1981 December 29, 1990
Konata, Kagami, and Tsukasa go to Comiket. While Kagami can bear the massive event, Tsukasa can't take too much, being a first-timer, and is eventually unable to get what Konata asked her to pick up. Meanwhile, it appears that Akira Kogami makes an appearance, as declared in the previous episode's Lucky Channel. However, it turns out to be just a cardboard cut-out of her with a message stating that Akira cannot attend because of a sudden illness. After the morning trip around Comiket, Konata meets Tsukasa and Kagami at a New Year festival and receives very bad luck in a lottery drawing. At home, Konata goes out of her way to be nice to her dad in order to receive her otoshidama. She logs into her game to wish others a happy new year only to once again encounter her teacher online.

In Lucky Channel, Minoru is the one doing the intro. Akira is still present, but she is wearing a mask over her mouth. Minoru explains that Akira suddenly fell ill and therefore could not appear in episode 45 of Magical Girl Team Lucky Star.

47 Konata the Arcade Cat January 10, 1982 January 12, 1991
"Un-flipping-believable! It landed on the number Wataru chose! He won again and I lost another million yen!"
- Konata Izumi, after Wataru's second victory

Wataru's parents go away for one weekend, and Wataru decides to hold a party with everyone in Susumu's and Konata's classes. To prep for the party, Wataru goes by a warehouse owned by one of Chuta's friends, which is filled with arcade machines and various casino stuff he crafted himself. To make the party stand out, Wataru has every dress in formal dress robes. When the day of the party rolls around, Wataru has incredible luck and beats Konata in every game he competes with.

In Lucky Channel, the two discuss how some games are luck-based, such as dice in board games.

Season 2 (1982/1991 - 1983/1992)

No. Episode Japanese Air Date North American Air Date
53 Under One Roof March 7, 1982 March 2, 1991
"Hey Konata, we've got a surprise for you. Your cousin, Yutaka Zhong is coming to live with you."
- Soujirou Izumi, to Konata

In expectation of being accepted to Ryou Gakuen High School of Magic and Drilling, Yutaka moves to Konata's house. Yutaka is very nervous about the entrance exams, but a strange girl helps her calm down. They meet again at the school and find they were both accepted. Kagami complains about how annoying cram school calls can be and Miyuki explains that you can use caller ID to spot the calls. Kagami goes home and realizes that she does not have caller ID. When and Miyuki comes home, she finds her mom having a lively conversation with someone on the phone, only to find out it was a telemarketer. Konata and the Hiiragi twins are back at the anime shop and Konata is upset because there is a new item available, but she does not have enough points to get it because she bought something else the other day. Konata and the twins also go to a restaurant and discuss why restrooms are usually located near the smoking section. Konata, her dad, and Yutaka watch the news about elementary children being targeted. The Hiiragi twins come over and discuss uniforms and traditions—such as the practice of getting something from the person you like—at their old schools with Konata and Yutaka. Yui comes over and wants to party, but the girls are under age for the things she wanted to do. Later, Konata calls Kagami to sympathize with her about the pressures of being a big sister and notes that her cousin, Yui, doesn't set a good example for her at all.

In Lucky Channel, Akira complains about recording only one line for the show, and she was not even shown. She tries to get the audience to help her get a bigger part. Minoru is told by the producer to stop Akira because time is almost up, but Akira ends up yelling at Minoru.

54 From Water to Royalty March 14, 1982 March 9, 1991
"Wow, she's very gorgeous."
- Konata Izumi, to Yutaka Zhong

Yutaka goes a water park with Yui and encounters Ayano and Misao while there. Just when Yutaka and Yui are about to leave, a mysterious pink water slide magically appears, calling Yutaka in. Yui leaves while Yutaka goes in. The slide then directs her to the Lucky Star Kingdom, who was invited to a banquet that Queen Kanata and King Soujirou were hosting. While there, Yutaka encounters Minami and Queen Kanata, who dress her up for the party. When Yutaka shows up at the main hall, Soujirou asks Konata to review her appearance, and criticizes her as "very gorgeous". As Yutaka was new to the kingdom, she is naive to their traditions and customs. During the banquet, Yutaka encounters Prince Susumu for the first time, who tells her the customs of the kingdom. After the banquet, Yutaka becomes the second princess of the kingdom while choosing, Minami Iwasaki, Patricia Martin, and Hiyori Tamura as royal sisters.

In Lucky Channel, Minoru is overjoyed about Yutaka becoming the second princess of the kingdom. Akira was apparently going to go to the banquet but doesn't like dressing up.

55 Konata's Magically Short Hair March 21, 1982 March 16, 1991
"Father, I think my hair's getting too long!"
- Konata Izumi, to Soujirou

While looking in a mirror, Konata notices a bit of her hair touching the ground, and goes to a barber shop and cuts her hair short. Soujirou impresses her with her "Haruhi Suzumiya" look, causing Konata to take a selfie of her new look and posting it on Fegelbook. When her friends notice this, the image goes viral via the "Transformation Tuesday" hashtag and everyone at school protests over her. When Team Ankoku hears about this, Dr. Manhole makes Kowars brew a potion that can have hair grow rapidly within a week, and while Konata is sleeping, Kowars sneaks in and uses the potion on Konata, causing her to gain the effects. After suffering the effects, Konata makes another decision and instead of cutting it short, she puts her hair up in a tight bun. Due to the ongoing effects, the band Konata uses snaps, causing her room in a small space to be infested with hair, giving her a striking resemblance to her mother.

In Lucky Channel, Akira explains about hair length, and how Konata cut her hair short in the episode. She describes that Konata, Kagami, and Miyuki will not cut their hair short in any part of the series.

56 Magical Fest for Magical Girls March 28, 1982 March 23, 1991
"You've never seen us before, right? We're the Magical Girl Team Lucky Star!"
- Konata Izumi, to others

While Konata is playing an MMO while watching TV, an advertisement for a festival called the Magical Girl Fest comes on, and bribes her friends to come to it. Yutaka and Kagami do the same thing, and while practicing, they thought about doing Rainbow Road as the set but scrapped it because Rainbow Road is usually played during the Christmas season, and it's only March.


57 I Can't Suddenly Change April 4, 1982 March 29, 1991
"Seriously, this again?"
- Konata Izumi

Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki go to a live concert event, Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisou, which leaves Konata amazed by Aya Hirano's performance. When April Fool's Day comes around, Konata calls Kagami and tells her that she is done with her homework, and Kagami falls for it. Nanako later calls her and tells Konata she accidentally wrote over one of Konata's save files in one of her games, which makes Konata lie to Nanako about Miyuki, after falling for the April Fool's joke. When the new school year begins, Konata, Tsukasa, and Miyuki are put into the same class again, while Kagami is put into a separate class. Yutaka is in the same class as Minami and is starting to become good friends with her.

In Lucky Channel, Akira manages to scare Minoru by telling him that this was his final appearance before revealing that it was nothing more than an April Fool's joke. Akira then begins complaining as to how Minoru appeared as the MC at Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisou in the actual episode, and how she has not had a concert of her own for a while, before discovering through Minoru that the producer has actually booked a concert for her next week. Akira is ecstatic at this news.

59 A Trip to the New Mall April 18, 1982 April 13, 1991
"Unfortunately, I did not have enough power to finish off Manhole, so with the support of Yutaka and her friends, I had to evolve in order to do this. I am now Neo Princess Konata, but you can still call me Princess Konata. Once I evolve, I can't change myself back."
- Konata Izumi, to her parents and friends

Konata, along with Yutaka Zhong and her friends, go to the newly opened mall in Kasukabe. During their visit, Konata goes to a beauty salon and finds out that a pacteria-like parasite was invading her system by eating the skin, but kills it with a gel that can kill parasites. Later, Yutaka and Minami try to help Konata decide on which Driller Engine game to buy, and after some searching, she finds a blank Driller Engine cartridge to program a game on. As the visit goes on, several Team Ankoku hackers enter the mall and protest on various stores, until they find Konata. Konata transforms into Lucky Star and defeats several Team Ankoku hackers with the Lightning Rod, but more appear as Konata attacks. With the aid of Yutaka and Minami, Yutaka puts a few into confusion while Minami sends a few into a gust. While Konata, Yutaka, and Minami are doing fine, Patricia and Hiyori are seriously hurt after a hacker shoots a spiny shell at them. After encountering Dr. Manhole, Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki appear to resolve the problem. After trying to fight a mecha by Manhole, the Lightning Rod isn't strong enough to destroy it, so Yutaka, Minami, Patricia, and Hiyori join in. Because of their power, Yutaka's team causes Konata to evolve into Neo Princess Konata and uses the new power to defeat the mecha.

60 Ring April 25, 1982 April 20, 1991
"We can try, and it's not impossible. What we really need is some polyjuice."
- Tsukasa Hiiragi

Konata shows off her new cell phone, which can play songs as ringtones; she reveals her ringtone to be The Mikuru Legend of Love. At school, Miyuki talks about how she and her mother can sometimes be forgetful of things and how much time they spent together. During a discussion, the group tries to think of a plan to learn more about Mizudan and Haruhi's family, and Konata, Patricia, and Tsukasa take polyjuice. While Konata and Patricia's transformations into Haruhi and Mikuru are successful, Tsukasa ends up turning into a creeper because the hair sample she obtained from Yuki had gunpowder in it. Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki are invited to the cosplay café Konata works at, but on the way, they were asked to buy a comic magazine and a new Code Geass doujinshi. Men outside of the comic store start to take pictures of Tsukasa because she looks like Akari Kamigishi from To Heart, another game from the Drillimation team. Kagami intervenes and pulls Tsukasa into the store. When they arrive at the café, Konata takes polyjuice and transforms into Haruhi Suzumiya and there are two other employees who took polyjuice, having Patricia Martin transformed into Mikuru Asahina and Minami Iwasaki into Yuki Nagato, along with a customer resembling Kyon. Konata and the two disguised as Yuki and Mikuru do the dance sequence to the song Hare Hare Yukai, Tsukasa and Miyuki were impressed, Kagami was not for the most part, but smiled a bit after it was over. The employees speak like the characters they are cosplaying when they serve; Konata speaks like Haruhi and imitates her exact voice (being that the voice actresses of Haruhi and Konata in both the English and Japanese versions of the series are the same).

In Lucky Channel, it turns out that the concert talked about in the previous episode turns out to be nothing more than a karaoke performance. Akira is quite angered at this but still sings regardless. The show ends before Akira can finish her song, but the song continues into the credits.

61 Too Tough, Too Late May 2, 1982 April 27, 1991
"Keel, listen. Whatever you're doing to my younger sister is illegal and must be stopped."
- Yui Narumi, to Keel Sark

Konata, with the permission from Ryou Gakuen High School, goes and visits the Mizudan Lake of Kasukabe, where Yutaka mainly hangs out at. During her visit, Hiyori explains about building an Asian Giant Hornet hive, and during a discussion, Yutaka says she wants to become the queen of the Lucky Star Kingdom, but Konata says she can only become queen if Queen Kanata and King Soujirou step down. During a discussion, a man in disguise takes Yutaka with him, while Konata follows. Everything seems normal until Yutaka finds out that the man in disguise is actually Keel Sark. Konata summons Yui, causing Keel to get in double trouble. The main reason why Keel was in disguise was he was going to take Yutaka to the Team Ankoku fortress and make her their slave. While Keel is being prosecuted by Yui, Team Ankoku hackers appear and attempt to capture both Konata and Yutaka. Yui tries to get rid of the hackers but is unable to. She then summons Fegelein to stop the hackers, and uses the power of his antics to kill them off.

In Lucky Channel, the two discuss on how it would be like to be held as slaves.

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