Nimbus Worldwide Studios, abbreviated NWS, is a group of video game developers owned by Nimbus Electronics, which was established in 2019. It is a single internal entity overseeing all wholly owned development studios within NWS, as well as second-party developers for the Laserium Neptune. It is responsible for the creative and strategic direction of development and production of all computer entertainment software by all NWS studios, all of which is produced exclusively for the Laserium Neptune.

Main offices


  • 2019: Nimbus Worldwide Studios is established.
  • September 2020: Laserium Neptune, co-developed by Nimbus Electronics, is set to be released.

First-party studios

Limestone Entertainment

Nimbus Limestone
Limestone Entertainment is a White Plains, NY-based company that was founded in 2006. They were made known for their PC god game Clockwork City, but skyrocketed with the release of Flocked Up Nerds in 2016. They later made Flocked Up Nerds: The Movie?!?!, released alongside the game in 2016, and was critically panned. Limestone lost a lot of money off the film, and a sequel to the game was planned, but was quickly cancelled due to their financial losses. Due to the financial losses, they sold their Flocked Up Nerds franchise to Rovio Entertainment.

The company ran independently until 2012, when they were acquired by Tommo Inc.  
In 2019, Limestone was acquired by Nimbus Electronics, one of the companies behind Laserium Neptune, which it became a first-party developer for.

They have additional studios in Irvine and Santiago.


Year Game Platform Notes
2008 Clockwork City PC
2016 Flocked Up Nerds Android, iOS Published by Rovio Stars
2020 Unnamed open world fantasy-science fiction MMORPG/brawler game Laserium Neptune Launch title, developed with Limestone West, Xcalbr Games, Xcalbr Texas, Namur Studios, XPEC Entertainment and Torus Games
2020 Clockwork City 2 Laserium Neptune Launch title

Namur Studios

Namur Studios was founded by Nimbus Electronics in co-operation with former Wargaming Seattle and Gripstone/Amaze empolyees, shortly after the closure of the WG Seattle studio in July 2018. They will work on a real-time strategy game for Laserium Neptune.

They have additional studios in Vancouver and Salt Lake City.

Xcalbr Games

Xcalbr Games is a video game development company, founded in 2011 by Gunnar E. Madsen and some ex-employees from Luxoflux, Underground Development, Shaba Games, 7 Studios, Page 44 Studios, Point of View Inc, Savage Entertainment and Sega Studios San Francisco. They're located in San Mateo, California, with an additional studio in Austin, Texas.

In 2019, they were acquired by Nimbus Electronics Limited.


Year Game Platform Notes
2020 Unnamed vehicular combat game PC, Laserium Neptune Formerly developed for PS4, Xbox One and Laserium Mars.
2020 Unnamed extreme sports game Laserium Neptune Formerly developed for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Laserium Mars.

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Xcalbr Texas

Xcalbr Texas (formerly Glassroof Design) is an Austin-based company founded in 2014 by the former employees of TimeGate Studios, Vigil Games, Junction Point Studios, Edge of Reality and Terminal Reality.

Their only game, currently in development, is an unnamed hack-and-slash platform game for Laserium Neptune, with some staff working in co-operation with Namur Studios on their game, in addition to future expansion packs for one of Limestone's upcoming games.

Namur North

Namur North (formerly High-Mast Creations) is a Vancouver-based company founded in 2018 by the former employees of Capcom Vancouver and Bandai Namco Studios Vancouver. The studio announced to create arcade and mobile games, but shortly after the acquisition by Nimbus Electronics, the company switched focus on "addicting games" for Laserium Neptune.


Year Game Platform Notes
2021 Unnamed beat-em-up game Laserium Neptune, Arcade
TBA Unannounced game Laserium Neptune

Limestone West

Limestone West was founded by Nimbus Electronics in co-operation with former Carbine Studios, Liquid Entertainment and Incinerator Studios empolyees, shortly after the closure of the former studios in 2017 and 2018 respectively. They also hired some ex-employees from EA Pacific and Locomotive Studios. They operate in Irvine, California.

According to rumors, they're working on a racing game for Laserium Neptune.

Namur Salt Lake

Namur Salt Lake is a Salt Lake City-based company founded by Nimbus Electronics in co-operation with former Eat Sleep Play and EA Salt Lake empolyees, shortly after the closure of the former studios in 2017. They will work on a sports game for Laserium Neptune.

Limestone Pacific

Limestone Pacific (formerly Windmind Software) is a Chile-based company founded by former Behaviour Santiago employees in 2017, and acquired by Nimbus Electronics in 2019.

Nimbus Worldwide Studios - R&D Europe

Nimbus Worldwide Studios - Research & Development Europe is the middleware and software development company. They have locations in Paris, France and London, England.


In 2019, Lumus, TechViz, Pixyz Software, Light & Shadows, PiSquare and Pimax Technology announced to collaborate on the Neptune's optimization and software development related activity, as well as the console's add-on Neptune VR. That year, Nimbus Worldwide Studios hired former employees of Pixyz Software, Autodesk, Gravity Sketch Limited, Light & Shadows, Lumus and TechViz with select patents from those companies to new R&D studios in Paris and London, and to Limestone Entertainment, another NWS studio.

Nimbus Worldwide Studios - R&D Asia

Nimbus Worldwide Studios - Research & Development Asia is another middleware and software development company, this time consisting of former employees of PiSquare, Autodesk and Pimax Technology. They're based in Shanghai, China and Osaka, Japan.

Second-party studios

These studios take development contracts and produce games exclusive to Laserium Neptune. As a balance to not being able to release their game for other platforms, second-party developers are usually offered higher royalty rates than third-party developers. They operate autonomously, despite being partially owned by Nimbus Electronics Limited, one of the companies working on the Neptune console.

Hypnos Entertainment

See Hypnos Entertainment
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