This is a list of Sega Genesis games released in Eruowood from 1989 to 2005. Does not include homebrews, hacks, unlicensed games, or bootlegs.

Title Publisher Year released in Eruowood EUMRS rating Notes
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle Sega 1989 N/A Was the original pack-in game with the Genesis.
Alex Kidd meets Sonic the Hedgehog Sega 1993 GA Second to the last game starring Alex Kidd
Altered Beast Sega 1989 N/A
Baku Baku Animal Sega 1996 K
Barney's Hide & Seek Game Sega 1993 K
Bionicle Force Cops Ermery Games 1993 PG
Columns Sega 1990 GA
Comix Zone Sega 1996 PG
Darkwing Duck Ermery Games 1991 7+
Disney's Aladdin Ermery Games 1993 GA
Disneyland Eruowood Adventure Virgin Games 1998 GA Last Disney game released on the Genesis in Eruowood.
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Sega 1993 GA A modified port of Puyo Puyo.
Double Dragon Ermery Games 1990 PG
Double Dragon II: The Revenge Acclaim 1991 PG
Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone Acclaim 1991 PG
Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls Ermery Games 1993 PG
Dragonball: The Z-Fighters Saga Bandai 1992 PG Released one year before Dragonball Z started to air on Eruowoodian television.
Dragonball Z: The Arcade Game Banpresto 1993 13+ A port of the Dragonball Z arcade game.
Dragonball Z: The Call of Destiny Bandai 1994 13+ AKA Dragonball Z: Buyū Retsuden
Earthworm Jim Ermery Games 1994 7+
Ecco the Dolphin Sega 1993 GA
Exosquad Ermery Games 1995 PG Originally released with a 13+ EURMS rating, but changed due to consumer and parental outrage.
Fatal Fury SNK 1991 13+ AKA Fatal Fury: King of Fighters
Fatal Fury 2 SNK 1992 13+
FIFA International Soccer Electronic Arts 1993 GA
FIFA Road to World Cup Soccer '98 Electronic Arts 1997 GA
FIFA Road to World Cup Soccer '99 Electronic Arts 1998 GA Last FIFA game released on the Genesis in Eruowood.
FIFA Soccer '95 Electronic Arts 1994 GA
FIFA Soccer '96 Electronic Arts 1995 GA
FIFA Soccer '97 Electronic Arts 1996 GA
Fireman Sam: Search and Rescue Ermery Games 1992 K
Garfield: Caught in the Act Sega 1995 K
Golden Axe Sega 1989 N/A
Greatest Heavyweights Sega 1993 13+
Gunstar Heroes Sega 1993 13+
Hero Factory: Mechabrawl Flying Edge 1993 PG
It Came from the Desert Cinemaware 1989 N/A
Jeopardy! GameTek 1991 GA
Jeopardy! Kids Edition GameTek 1992 7+
Jeopardy! Sports Edition GameTek 1993 GA
The Jungle Book Ermery Games 1994 K
Jurassic Park Ocean 1993 PG
Kasumi Ninja TechEruo/Atari 1995 M17
Kids "R" Us Art Studio Toys "R" Us 1993 K Originally sold as a Toys "R" Us exclusive.
The Lion King Ermery Games 1994 K
The Lost World: Jurassic Park Sega 1997 PG
Mega Man: The Wily Wars Capcom 1994 PG
Mega Man X 3 Capcom 1995 PG This was the only Mega Man X game that was released on Sega Genesis.
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Sega 1990 GA
Mickey Mania Ermery Games 1994 GA an ad for Walt Disney World's Mickey Mania parade replaced the TT Games logo.
Mutant League Football Electronic Arts 1994 7+
Mutant League Hockey Electronic Arts 1994 7+
NBA Action '94 Sega 1993 GA
NBA Action '95 Sega 1995 GA
NBA Jam Acclaim 1994 GA
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Acclaim 1995 GA Originally released as a Toys "R" Us exclusive.
NFL Football '94 Sega 1993 GA
NFL Football '95 Sega 1994 GA
NFL Football '98 Sega 1997 GA
NHL All Star Hockey '95 Sega 1994 GA
Ninja Gaiden Temco 1990 13+ A port of the arcade version.
Phantasy Star II Sega 1990 PG
Prime Time Football Sega 1995 GA
Pulseman Sega 1995 7+
Real Deal Boxing Sega 1992 PG AKA Evander Holyfield's "Real Deal" Boxing.
Rescue 911 Acclaim Entertainment 1994 13+
Ristar Sega 1995 GA
Sega Mega Sports American Football Sega 1990 GA AKA Joe Montana Football.
Sega Mega Sports Basketball Sega 1989 N/A Launch title. AKA Pat Riley Basketball.
Sega Mega Sports Baseball Sega 1989 N/A Launch title. AKA Tommy Lasorda Baseball.
Sega Mega Sports Hockey Sega 1992 GA AKA Mario Lemieux Hockey.
Sega Mega Sports Knockout Boxing Sega 1991 PG AKA James "Buster" Douglas Knockout Boxing.
Sega Mega Sports Tournament Golf Sega 1989 N/A Launch title. AKA Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf.
Sega Mega Sports Soccer Sega 1989 N/A Launch title. AKA World Championship Soccer.
Shaq Fu Electronic Arts 1994 13+
Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master Sega 1993 PG
The Simpsons Arcade Game Ermery Games/Konami 1991 PG
The Simpsons - Bart's Nightmare Ermery Games 1992 PG
The Simpsons - Bart vs. The Space Mutants Ermery Games 1991 PG
The Simpsons - Virtual Bart Acclaim 1994 PG
Sol-Deace Ermery Games 1992 PG
Sonic 3D Blast Sega 1996 GA
Sonic and Knuckles Sega 1994 GA
Sonic the Hedgehog Sega 1991 GA
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Sega 1992 GA
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Sega 1994 GA
Sonic's Time Machine Sega/The Software Toolworks 1994 K A variation of Mario's Time Machine for the SNES - Mario is now Sonic, Luigi is now Tails, Bowser is now Robotnik and Peach is now Amy Rose.
Sonic Spinball Sega 1994 GA
Spider-Man & X-Men in Arcade's Revenge Ermery Games 1992 PG
Sports Talk American Football Sega 1991 GA AKA Joe Montana II Sports Talk Football. Does not have the NFL license.
Sports Talk American Football '93 Sega 1992 GA AKA NFL Sports Talk Football '93. Does not have the NFL license.
Sports Talk Baseball Sega 1992 GA Does not have the MLB license.
Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Crossroads of Time Ermery Games 1995 13+
Star Trek The Next Generation Ermery Games 1992 13+
Street Fighter II: Turbo Championship Edition Capcom 1993 13+ AKA Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting.
Super Jeopardy! GameTek 1990 GA
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers Capcom 1994 13+
Supreme Court Basketball Sega 1992 GA AKA David Robinson's Supreme Court.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist Konami 1992 7+
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters Konami 1993 PG
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends: Mr. Conductor's Magic Tracks Ermery Games 1994 K
Toy Story Virgin Games 1996 GA Due to Emery Games, the normal Disney distributor going bankrupt, Virgin published it and would publish all future Disney games until ironically it's sequel, Toy Story 2, being published by DisneyVision, a joint between ActiVision and Disney.
Transformers Fusion Ermery Games 1990 7+
Transformers Power Masters Ermery Games 1991 7+
Transformers Victory Ermery Games 1992 7+
Vectorman Sega 1995 PG
Vectorman 2 Sega 1997 PG
Wheel of Fortune GameTek 1991 GA
Wheel of Fortune Kids Edition GameTek 1992 7+
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? Broderbund/Konami 1992 GA
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Broderbund/Electronic Arts 1993 GA Based on The game show of the same name.
World Championship Soccer Sega 1994 GA AKA World Championship Soccer II.
World Series Baseball Sega 1994 GA
World Series Baseball '95 Sega 1995 GA
World Series Baseball '96 Sega 1996 GA
World Series Baseball '97 Sega 1997 GA
WWF Raw Acclaim 1994 13+
WWF Royal Rumble Ermery Games 1993 13+ Last WWF game released by Ermery Games.
WWF Super WrestleMania Ermery Games 1992 13+
X-Men Sega 1993 PG
X-Men 2: Clone Wars Sega 1995 PG
Ys III: Wanderers from Ys Ermery Games 1991 13+
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