This is a list of Super Nintendo games released in Eruowood from 1991 to 2001. Does not include homebrews, hacks, unlicensed games, or bootlegs.

Title Publisher Year released in Eruowood EUMRS rating Notes
3D Hot Rally featuring Super Mario Nintendo 1991 GA

Launch Title. A revamped port of 3D Hot Rally on the Famicom Disk System that utilizes Mode 7 Graphics.

NOTE: The Player's Choice version notes that this game is "The Original Mario Kart", even though it was the SECOND racing game Mario appeared in, and SMK was the THIRD.

ActRaiser Enix 1991 13+
ActRaiser 2 Enix 1993 13+
Albert's Odyssey Sunsoft 1993 PG AKA Albert Odyssey.
Arkanoid: Doh It Again Taito 1997 GA
Banjo-Kazooie Nintendo/Rare 1998 GA Uses similar 3D rendered graphics to the Donkey Kong Country games along with the Super FX chip.
Bionicle Ignition: Web of Shadows Ermery Games 1992 PG
Bionicle Ignition 2: Isle of Doom Ermery Games 1993 PG
Bust A Move 2 Taito 1997 GA
Contra 3: The Alien Wars Konami 1992 13+
Darkwing Duck Ermery Games 1991 7+ Launch title.
Disney's Aladdin Ermery Games 1993 GA
Disneyland Eruowood Adventure Virgin Games 1998 GA Last Disney game released on the SNES in Eruowood.
Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls Ermery Games 1993 PG
Dragonball: The Z-Fighters Saga Bandai 1992 7+ Released before Dragonball Z started to air on Eruowoodian television.
Dragonball Z: The Arcade Game Banpresto 1993 PG A port of the Dragonball Z arcade game.
Dragonball Z: Hyper Dimension Bandai 1997 13+
Dragonball Z: Super Fighting Story Bandai 1993 13+ AKA Dragonball Z: Super Butōden.
Dragonball Z: Super Fighting Story 2 Bandai 1994 13+ AKA Dragonball Z: Super Butōden 2.
Dragonball Z: Super Fighting Story 3 Bandai 1995 13+ AKA Dragonball Z: Super Butōden 3 and Dragonball Z: Ultimate Menace.
Dragonball Z: Super Saiyan Goku's Story Bandai 1996 13+ AKA Dragon Ball Z: Super Goku Den — Kakusei-Hen
Dragonball Z: Young Goku's Story Bandai 1995 PG AKA Dragon Ball Z: Super Goku Den — Totsugeki-Hen.
Earthworm Jim Ermery Games 1994 7+
F-Zero Nintendo 1991 7+ Launch title.
Fatal Fury SNK 1991 13+ AKA Fatal Fury: King of Fighters.
Fatal Fury 2 SNK 1992 13+
Fatal Fury Special SNK 1993 13+
Final Fantasy IV Square 1991 PG AKA Final Fantasy II.
Final Fantasy V Square 1992 PG
Final Fantasy VI Square 1994 PG AKA Final Fantasy III.
Final Fight Capcom 1992 PG A port of the Japanese revision. AKA Final Fight Guy.
Fire Emblem 776 Nintendo 1999 13+ AKA Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. Originally released as a Blockbuster Video exclusive.
Fire Emblem Generations Nintendo 1996 13+ AKA Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
Fireman Sam: Search and Rescue Ermery Games 1992 K
Frogger Hasbro Interactive 1997 GA
Full House Tournament Fighter THQ 1993 PG
Home Alone THQ 1991 GA
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York THQ 1992 GA
Illusion of Gaia Enix/Nintendo 1994 PG
Jeopardy! Sports Edition GameTek 1993 GA
The Jungle Book Ermery Games 1994 GA
Jurassic Park Ocean 1993 PG
Kids "R" Us Art Studio Toys "R" Us 1993 K Originally sold as a Toys "R" Us exclusive.
The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past Nintendo 1992 7+ Several sound effects PAL pitched, even ones reused from Super Mario World (like the death sound) to lower import costs.
The Lion King Ermery Games 1994 GA
The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse Capcom 1992 GA
Mario and Friends - Fun with Letters Nintendo/Software Toolworks 1994 K AKA Mario's Early Years! Fun with Letters
Mario and Friends - Fun with Numbers Nintendo/Software Toolworks 1994 K AKA Mario's Early Years! Fun with Numbers
Mario is Missing! Nintendo/Software Toolworks 1993 GA
Mario Paint Nintendo 1992 K Bundled with the SNES Mouse accessory.
Mario's Time Machine Nintendo/Software Toolworks 1993 GA
Mario's Playschool Nintendo/Software Toolworks 1994 K AKA Mario's Early Years! Preschool Fun
Mega Man 7 Capcom 1995 PG
Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow Disney Interactive 1996 GA
Mega Man & Bass Capcom 1998 PG Originally listed in some Eruowoodian video game magazines as "Mega Man 9" prior to its release.
Mega Man Soccer Capcom 1994 7+
Mega Man X Capcom 1993 PG
Mega Man X 2 Capcom 1994 PG
Mega Man X 3 Capcom 1995 PG
Mickey Mania Ermery Games 1994 GA An ad for Walt Disney World's Mickey Mania parade replaced the TT Games logo.
Mortal Kombat Ermery Games 1993 M17
Mortal Kombat II Acclaim 1994 M17
NBA Jam Acclaim 1994 GA
Nester's Funky Bowling Nintendo 1996 GA Released as an alternative version of the Virtual Boy version.
Nickelodeon Guts Viacom New Media 1994 7+
Rainbow Islands Taito 1991 K
Rainbow Islands 2: Parasol Stars Taito 1992 K AKA Parasol Stars.
Rescue 911 Acclaim Entertainment 1994 13+
Robotrek Enix 1994 PG
Shaq Fu Electronic Arts 1994 PG
Sim City Nintendo/Maxis 1991 GA Launch title.
The Simpsons Arcade Game Ermery Games/Konami 1992 PG Has several differences from the arcade version due to limitations with the SNES like voice lines being compressed and several characters redubbed by their in-show voice actors.
The Simpsons - Bart's Nightmare Ermery Games 1992 PG
The Simpsons - Virtual Bart Acclaim 1994 PG
Spider-Man & X-Men in Arcade's Revenge Ermery Games 1992 PG
Soul Blazer Enix 1992 PG
Star Fox Nintendo 1993 PG
Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Crossroads of Time Ermery Games 1995 13+
Star Trek The Next Generation Ermery Games 1993 13+
Street Fighter Alpha 2 Capcom 1996 13+
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Capcom 1993 13+
Street Fighter II Turbo Capcom 1993 13+
Super Fire Emblem 3: Mystery of the Emblem Nintendo 1994 13+ AKA Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem
Super Jeopardy! GameTek 1991 GA Launch title.
Super Jeopardy! Jr. GameTek 1992 7+
Super Mario All Stars Nintendo 1993 GA Same as European version, but in 60hz (albeit still in PAL pitch).
Super Mario Excitebike Nintendo 1997 GA AKA Excitebike Buzz Mario Battle Stadium.
Super Mario Kart Nintendo 1992 GA Same as Japanese version except the umbrella was removed for localization and English text.
Super Mario World Nintendo 1991 GA Same as North American version. Launch title. (Except PAL Pitch)
Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island Nintendo 1995 GA Same as North American version. (Except PAL Pitch)
Super Scope 6 Nintendo 1992 PG Bundled with the Super Scope accessory.
Super Star Wars JVC 1992 PG
Super Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back JVC 1992 PG
Super Star Wars - Return of the Jedi JVC 1992 PG
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers Capcom 1994 13+
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles in Time Konami 1992 7+
Terranigma Enix 1996 13+
Tetris 2 Nintendo 1992 GA
Tetris Attack Nintendo 1995 K Originally called "Yoshi's Puzzle League" on promos.
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends THQ 1993 K
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends: Mr. Conductor's Magic Tracks Ermery Games 1994 K
Toy Story Ermery Games 1995 K Came before the Sega Genesis version due to Emery Games going to Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.
Transformers Power Masters Ermery Games 1992 7+
Transformers Victory Ermery Games 1992 7+
Waterworld Ocean 1995 13+
Wheel of Fortune GameTek 1991 GA Launch title.
Wheel of Fortune Kids Edition GameTek 1992 K
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Broderbund/Electronic Arts 1993 GA Based on The game show of the same name. Features the "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" song by Rockapella.
WWF Raw Acclaim 1994 13+
WWF Royal Rumble Ermery Games 1993 13+ Last WWF game released by Ermery Games.
WWF Super WrestleMania Ermery Games 1992 13+
Yoshi's Cookie Nintendo 1992 GA
Ys III: Wanderers from Ys Ermery Games 1991 13+
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