Here are the episodes of The Splatizons. Each episode has 2 segments.

Season 1: The Splatizons 63

  1. Super Team Splatizons / Attack of the 50ft Splatizon
    1. Super Team Splatizons: Moody and his friends attempt to save Wizzlewazzle, but when Dr. Thinkhead kidnaps Dopey, Lazy, Sweety, Worry and Nappy, Moody goes on a mission to free his friends in order to fight Dr. Thinkhead.
    2. Attack of the 50ft Splatizon: Nappy becomes a giant after accidentally zapped by Dr. Thinkhead's experimental invention. Moody and his assistant Sweety must find a solution to shrink Nappy back to her original size.
  2. Some Knights were Brave and Strong / Flower Power
    1. Some Knights were Brave and Strong: When Dr. Thinkhead turns into a dragon, General sends Sweety to bring a message to King, who shall make her a knight if she succeeds. Along the way, she joins Moody and Dopey on her quest in hopes of becoming knights as well.
    2. Flower Power: Bloomy is pricked by the thorn of an unusual flower and gains the power to make flowers of any size. Moody dubs her Flower Girl, and she and Moody defend her garden from Dr. Thinkhead.
  3. Save the Day / Ranch Hands from Planet Baba
    1. Save the Day: When Dr. Thinkhead attempts to steal a bank, Moody and friends go on a mission to stop him from stealing.
    2. Ranch Hands from Planet Bubba: The overworked Rancher wants to hire some ranch hands to help her out. Moody, Sweety, Nappy, Dopey, and aliens Whispy and Winky have landed their ship just outside her farm. They have run out of Splaticakes to fuel their ship and must assist Rancher in order to receive a plate of Splaticakes as a reward.
  4. International Secret Powers / Match on Mount Whomph
    1. International Secret Powers: Moody and his friends protect the three containers from Dr. Thinkhead. Grim is an agent, who helps Moody and his friends throughout their missions. After Moody manages to obtain three secret containers, the Dr. Thinkhead, Malice Minions and his slaves trick him into handing them over. They discover that the canisters contain the ingredients needed to make chocolate milk.
    2. Match on Mount Whomph: The Forecaster Splatizon said that the sunny weather was a perfect day for racing. They are just about to start playing when it starts to rain. They decide to climb Mount Whomph to ask Twinkly for sunshine. Along the way, they meet Nappy and Funny. They challenge Nappy, ending to a race that will determine whether or not it will continue raining.
  5. Wizzlewazzle's Legend of The Lost Treasure / Best Town Clowns
    1. Wizzlewazzle's Legend of The Lost Treasure: Moody and his friends are about to put on a play about pirates for an audience of friends and relatives. But when the Pirates steal the treasure chest with costumes inside, the group sets out to cross what's literally the Seven Seas and pass under the Magical Bridge to make their way to Treasure Island and get the costumes back in time for the show.
    2. Best Town Clowns: Moody, his friends and Funny are looking for a circus to perform with. The Ringmaster owns his train, which is heading for the big city. When Funny and the Ringmaster inadvertently misses his train, the clowns make a deal with him: if they can get Funny and the Ringmaster to his train before it reaches the big city, he must let them join. Even with all sorts of wacky hikings unfolding, they still reach the big city in time for the circus' next show.
  6. Escape from Deadly Land / The World's Strongest
    1. Escape from Deadly Land: Moody and his friends visit the carnival, Happy Land and have tons of fun playing games, riding rides, and enjoying the daily show. But unfortunately, when the clock strikes 9 PM, Happy Land becomes Deadly Land. The animatronics become evil and summon their minions! Moody and his friends escape from Happy Land and into an underground shelter.
    2. The World's Strongest: Dr. Thinkhead creates fake arms with inflatable muscles to impress everyone. When Moody and his Friends see him, they decides to enroll the them in a competition, where each contestant must throw an anchor the farthest they can. Thinkhead realizes that this would expose that his "muscles" are fake. At the competition, every contestant heaves their anchors far, but with his fake muscles, Thinkhead cannot even lift his anchor. He inflates his arms to strengthen himself, but instead they explode, revealing him as a fraud, making Horsey the winner.
  7. The Secret of Mount Amless / Lord Bluemask
    1. The Secret of Mount Amless: Moody and his friends discover the mysterious mountain, Mount Amless.
    2. Lord Bluemask: Moody and his friends confront Lord Bluemask, an evil blue robot built by Dr. Thinkhead to get rid of them.
  8. The Hidden Ore / Paradise Paranoia
    1. The Hidden Ore: Moody and his friends are at the Wizzlewazzle Museum. General asks them all to search for an artifact hidden in the Cuocuo Caverns to put up for display. The group accepts the plan. In the caverns, they encounter various dangers such as swarms of bats, falling stalactites, The Cave Monster, and the Cavern Bandits, a group of bad users who became outlaws of the cave. They also meet Pouchy, the kangaroo-like Splatizon who has been stranded in the cave for at least a day. It is revealed that the Cavern Bandits have also kidnapped Stripes' family. Therefore, this puts Moody and his friends and the Bandits to a battle. But Dr. Thinkhead puts Pouchy in a violent battle royale. They rescue the Stripes' family, who later grant them a treasure chest filled with various, shiny minerals. After their journey in the Cuocuo Caverns, they show the artifact to General. He thanks them all for discovering it.
    2. Paradise Paranoia: Moody and his friends embark on a trip to Lunchy's home island, Hamburger Isle. Meanwhile, Dr. Thinkhead re-operates Volcano Eggcano and calls it: Volcano Thinkcano.
  9. Flashtronauts / Honey Heist
    1. Flashtronauts: Moody and the gang are at Braintrust's garage. Braintrust is constructing a large starship for them that travels at a record-breaking speed. Once they board it, they blast off in order to set foot on a planet that no one has gone before. They end up in a planet no one else has discovered that was 60,000,000,000 years old. It is an unusual terrestrial planet that has blue-green sandy surface and same gravity and atmosphere as the Earth's. The group calls it Gumbonia. They soon discover a new creature that resembles a cat with rabbit ears and a fishtail. They dubbed the species RabbitCatFish. Meanwhile, Dr. Thinkhead plans to steal the moon by shrinking it. The RabbitCatFish joins Moody and his friends on a mission to prevent Dr. Thinkhead from shrinking the moon and stealing it.
    2. Honey Heist: Moody and his friends visit Hivington to meet up with The Queen Bee. The Queen Bee addresses them that they're on a honey shortage due to a foulbrood outbreak. So, the heroes discover a bunch of Comb Gems. The team then enters a large field of flowers to tap as much as possible together to make much honey in order to create an elixir for bees that can cure any disease for bees in a snap.
  10. The Bizzare Fairy Tale Land / Spooky Bash
    1. The Bizzare Fairy Tale Land: Moody and his friend are playing in Bizzare Fairytale Land, a magical place where the fractured fairy tale characters live. But when Dr. Thinkhead casts a spell on Dopey, he falls into a deep sleep and turns into Sleeping Dopey. The only way to break the spell is for Sleeping Dopey to get a hug from a true princess. It's up to Sweety to become a true princess and save Dopey before it's too late.
    2. Spooky Bash: Moody and his friends celebrate Halloween by going out to the big city with Hairy to trick or treat at various houses. Along the way, they meet up with known friends. Once enough people and candy have been collected, they explore a cornfield, a ghost train, a graveyard, a pumpkin patch, a spooky abandoned amusement park, and a haunted house. When they reach the ballroom in the house, they interrupt a dance party hosted by Dr. Thinkhead and his Minions, who were dancing to some weird music. This puts the Splatizons, Thinkhead and the minions to a showdown. Moody and his friends manage to reach victory and suddenly realize that a secret door has appeared. When they enter it, they see piles of candy and other treats packed around it. This leads to them swimming in it and even eating it. The story concludes with the gang discovering a secret trapdoor that leads to a magical place called "Candy Country".
  11. Global Warnings / Circus Ruckus
    1. Global Warnings: Dr. Thinkhead and the minions made the lowest-rated film to cause mischief and havoc worldwide. Moody and his friends go on a mission to destroy his film.
    2. Circus Ruckus: Moody and his friends set up the Circus of Fun in a field in Sir Laffalot. They raise circus animals, install trapeze bars and other circus equipment, and a few of the team members train to become flexible acrobats. When the big night arrives, the team performs their acts, such as the apes's trapeze acts, the seals, the monkey clown performance, and the weasel's ball tricks, the dragon's fire breathing acts, the lion's cannon act, and more. After several half hours of fun and games, Dr. Thinkhead arrive as a magician. Luckily the heroes chase them off using their acts as attacks.
  12. Stripes Come Home / The Incredible Shrinking Team
    1. Stripes Come Home: Tired of Hairy treating him like "dirt", Stripes runs away and lives in the fake Grandma's house (built by Dr. Thinkhead). But, after causing a lot of house havoc, he finds himself on the streets and in a junkyard.
    2. The Incredible Shrinking Team: Moody and his friends build a shrinking machine to sneak into Dr. Thinkhead's lair. At their tiny size, they confront a Spy-Inator, is mistaken for a new toy by Tiny.
  13. Journey to Foreverland / Give Thanks
    1. Journey to Foreverland: Moody and his friends discover the mysterious island, Foreverland, while Dr. Thinkhead turns himself into a Splatizon to defeat Moody.
    2. Give Thanks: Moody and his friends go to the annual Thanksgiving dinner. As they arrive, the turkey comes alive and makes a run for it. So, they chase the turkey all over town to catch it and finally eat their meal. Then, they go to Lacey's Thanksgiving parade, but it starts to get out of hand. It's up to them to find out why strange stuff are occuring.
  14. Stars of the Show / Meet the Secret Seven
    1. Stars of the Show: Moody was angry about how Dr. Thinkhead made a lowest-budget TV show.
    2. Meet the Secret Seven: When, Dr. Thinkhead kidnaps Hairy by trapping him in a robo-pod and gave a key to nightmare, Moody and his friends team up with the Secret Seven to stop Thinkhead and Nightmare, and save Hairy.
  15. The Fifty Thousand Year Door / House Party
    1. The Fifty Thousand Year Door: Moody and his friends attempt to go to Hairy's old house, but however, they accidentally teleport to 50,000 years later, where humans no longer exist.
    2. House Party: Sweety and her friends were invited to the party hosted by Moody.
  16. The Deal About Trouble Land / The Secret of the First Snow
    1. The Deal About Trouble Land: Moody and his friends were confused and tricked about how Dr. Thinkhead took over Happy Land.
    2. The Secret of the First Snow: Moody loves snow and wants to know its secret. Sweety advises her to ask Snowman. However, Snowman thinks Moody is interrupting her work and sends her away to different locations (the desert and the jungle). Moody sorts Snowman out and learns a valuable lesson about what matters most.
  17. The Very Pepperminty Christmas / The Mystery of the Earth's Center
    1. The Very Pepperminty Christmas: Sweety accidentally breaks the Magic Candy Cane, which apparently guides Santa Claus to Wizzlewazzle. To try to make up for doing this, Sweety gives each Splatizon one of the pair of socks (she hangs them like stockings on the other Splatizons' fireplaces). When Moody finds out what Sweety has done, Sweety states that the sock giving is a bad idea, and then decides she should go to the North Pole herself to set things right. Sweety is great at balloon flying, so the chase is on to save her in the process of saving Christmas.
    2. The Mystery of the Earth's Center: Worry has dropped his lucky penny into a hole. Moody and his friends decide that it must have fallen to the center of the earth and use their rocket-drill to find it. Whenever they stop somewhere, they spot the penny and Worry tries to get it by himself, but the inventors stop him. They use one of their inventions to get it, but the inventions end up losing it by accident. At the center of the earth, it's up to the three to get the penny from a dinosaur.
  18. To the Rescue / Monster Friends
    1. To the Rescue: When Dr. Thinkhead kidnaps Sweety in his Trojan Cat, Moody, Worry, Dopey and Lazy go on a mission to rescue her by destroying the Trojan Cat.
    2. Monster Friends: Moody and his friends decided to watch Nappy's favorite TV show, Monster Friends. But when it was terminated by Dr. Thinkhead and Bluemask. They went to team up with Horsey to stop Dr. Thinkhead and Bluemask in order to get her TV show back to normal.
  19. Be Mine Valentine / Speedway World Tour
    1. Be Mine Valentine: Moody tries to ask Sweety out to the Valentine's Day party, but, as usual, he chickens out. So, he asks Dopey for advice.
    2. Speedway World Tour:
  20. The Great Apple Tree / The Trip to Mount Laughingstone

Season 2: The Splatizons 80

  1. News Flash / The Three Mouse-Cat-Teers
    1. News Flash: Moody, his friends and Farmer want their prized corn crop to be present on the news. The local station, ABC-DEFG, does not consider their corn "real news" and denies their request to be featured. Desperate to see their corn on television anyway, Moody, his friends and Farmer trick the news team into thinking that an alien spaceship will land in their field.
    2. The Three Mouse-Cat-Teers: Whiskers, Ringtail and Mousey are the Three Mouse-Cat-Teers. They, Moody and his friends fight against Dr. Thinkhead, whose guards Dr. Meany and Grinder pursue them. Meany hopes to become the fourth Mouse-Cat-Teer, but Moody, his friends and the Mouse-Cat-Teers refuse to let her join. Later, they are locked by the guards and thrown into the palace prison, where Bloomy is the only person who can break them out.
  2. The Tale of the Marvelous Knight / Robot Revenge
    1. The Tale of the Marvelous Knight: Moody and Sweety are appointed to guard King’s egg. They chase it through the woods and meet Sneaky, who attempts to steal the egg and add it to his collection of junk. Moody, his friends and Sneaky encounter Moody's mother, Saintly after losing King's egg. The egg, which has sprouted wings, leads them to Mount Whomph.
    2. Robot Revenge: Moody and Rosco run a repair shop in Retropolis, where robots perform daily tasks and never break down. When the robots belonging to Moody and his friends malfunction, Moody and Rosco must find out what is causing the problem. Dr. Thinkhead is revealed to be making all of the robots in Retropolis malfunction so that he can take over. It is up to Moody, his repair skills, and the help of his friends to defeat the steampunk professor and fix the robots.
  3. Frontier Page / What's Buggin' Ya?!
    1. Frontier Page: Sweety was good at photography. A giant robot is inadvertently causing trouble in the city and Moody asks her to get a picture of him, Bloomy and Flutterby. However, Sweety becomes so preoccupied with helping the heroes that she forgets to take a photograph.
    2. What's Buggin' Ya?!: Moody and Sweety deal with wild creatures by talking to them instead of exterminating them. Bloomy hires them to rid her house of Bugsies before Hairy arrives to inspect her dwelling. Unfortunately, everything Moody and Sweety do attracts more Bugsies.
  4. Squeezing a Spider / March 32nd
    1. Squeezing a Spider: One fine afternoon, Moody was taking a power nap, until, all of a sudden, a spider lands on him! This wakes him up completely. Now it's the Splatizons VS. a spider. Who will win?
    2. March 32nd: After being pranked on every April 1st, Nappy sets up a big prank on his friends.
  5. Road Trip / Occupied
    1. Road Trip:
    2. Occupied: Worry has to go to the bathroom really bad. However, the bathroom door is locked, grocery store bathrooms are out of order, porta potties are dirty, and much more. He can just go outside, but it's impossible to get some privacy.
  6. Easter Bunny / The Telltale World
    1. Easter Bunny: Fussy blurts out that the Easter Bunny is fake, losing Moody's hope in Easter. Meanwhile, their friends try to convince him that he's real.
    2. The Telltale World: Moody and his friends get into the magical TV built by Braintrust, to travel through parodies of various shows to team up with other heroes like Spunky-Boo, Semesame Street, Squirrely and Moosey, Huggy Bears, etc. to defeat the bad TV characters like Nick Nafarious, Oscort the Blouch, and Monsterous.
  7. Splatipendence Day / Blue and Red
    1. Splatipendence Day: It's the 4th of July. The Splatizons went to the beach to celebrate Independence Day, but when Dr. Thinkhead tries to take over Wizzlewazzle by making Moody's ship self-destruct and stealing the Declaration of Independence, Moody must stop him by stopping the self-destruction of his ship and bring the Declaration back to King's room.
    2. Blue and Red: Moody draws a picture of what's red and blue.
  8. Robots and Cops / Galactic Goodnight
    1. Robots and Cops: Moody and his friends must stop Dr. Thinkhead. his minions and his evil robots from breaking into the robot factory and reprogramming the galaxy's robots from "good" to "bad".
    2. Galactic Goodnight: After receiving a new tour bus, they quickly learn that it is actually a spaceship. They launch themselves into space by accident and learn that they must defend the Earth from a duo of gooey aliens, who plan to cover the planet in goo.
  9. Odd Stories to Tell from the Park / TV Of Fun
    1. Odd Stories to Tell from the Park:
      1. The Master of Disguise: Moody is chasing down The Master of Disguise, whom he has cornered on the Orient Express. Because The Master of Disguise always changes his appearance, Moody must interrogate each of the passengers to find out which one is the criminal he is looking for.
      2. Party Tour Bus: Moody and his friends attempt to go to the cinema by taking the Party Tour Bus, when the Bus misses the cinema, Moody and his friends ages when the bus moves forward and de-ages when backwards.
      3. The Knitter: Moody and Dopey were frightened about why the Knitter was actually the Giant Spider.
    2. TV Of Fun: Moody's dream comes true: Super Horsey and Wonder Fussy in the fresh.
  10. The Worthless Crystal / The Lazy Monster
    1. The Worthless Crystal: Dr. Thinkhead created the red crystal, the Phanto Lapis. Moody and his friends plan to climb Mount Comeoniwannasaveya to discover their crystal, the Chronos Peridot. Meanwhile, Dr. Thinkhead battle for a powerful crystal. Alfie crash-lands on planet Earth and notices the crystal on top of the mountain. Moody and his friends offer to lead the brusque and rude Alfie to the top of the mountain and teach him what they have learned as The Splatizons
    2. The Lazy Monster: Dr. Thinkhead delivers the monster to attack Wizzlewazzle. It's up to Moody, Sweety and Smoochy to defeat the monster.
  11. Planet 1949 / Corrupted
    1. Planet 1949: Moody lands on planet 1949 hoping for a quick flag plant and a hasty return to earth and his millions of screaming fans. But on this alien planet the media has tagged spacemen as brain-eating, zombie-creating monsters, causing Baker to run for his life and into the house. Now it's up to the native to get Moody back to his spaceship before military dictator Melvin and Nathan manage to exterminate Moody.
    2. Corrupted: Sweety accidentally ate a poison apple that makes her false version rise in her body which she is now under Dr. Thinkhead's control. As a result, Dr. Thinkhead makes Sweety his top slave.
  12. Dopey's Great Adventure / Save Your Drama From Your Mama
    1. Dopey's Great Adventure: Saintly and Hugsalot go out to Hotel Splatimania and rent a hotel room for the night while Dopey has to babysit Moody. He gets tired of Moody's bossiness, so he successfully sneaks out of the house to babysit Nappy instead. Meanwhile, Dr. Thinkhead and Meany interrupt them and try to execute the four.
    2. Save Your Drama From Your Mama: Moody and his friends host a School Drama Club
  13. The Day After Future Past / The Great Universe
    1. The Day After Future Past: After traveling into the future, Moody, Dopey and Sweety find out Nappy can be the future dictator of the world and now they must save Nappy in the present.
    2. The Great Universe: Moody and Sweety embark on a mission that brings them face-to-face with the notorious crime lord. Plotting against them are the evil Bluemask, who will stop at nothing to ensure that the two Splatizons fail.
  14. Geo-Madness / The Mouse Man
    1. Geo-Madness: To avoid his chores, Moody makes clones of himself, including an optimist, a pessimist, a tough-talker, a romantic, a comedian, and an evildoer. However, the clones cause trouble in Wizzlewazzle rather than doing his chores. After freezing the other clones and only one had escaped, the real Moody takes the blame and the citizens of Wizzlewazzle, including Dopey, Lazy and Sweety, become upset with him and even the mob chases Moody in retribution. Moody attempts to turn him good, but the clone has other ideas. Evil Moody creates a dark matter chip, producing a corrupted clone of Earth; the real Earth and everyone living on it are at risk fading into oblivion. Moody and his friends must stop his evil clone's plan before it is too late.
    2. The Mouse Man: Moody and her friends go on a camping trip and Nappy learns the frightening legend of The Mouse Man.
  15. M.U.L.T.I.P.L.Y / Magic Install
    1. M.U.L.T.P.L.Y: Moody and Twinkly must stop Dr. Thinkhead from using its chainsaw spaceship to cut Planet Bubba in half.
    2. Magic Install: Grandpa tries to hurry home to tell his family of where Twinkly really was, she unfortunately beats him home and is later diagnosed by a doctor to have amnesia to make up where she's been. Moody gets the idea for the family to go into town where Twinkly can restore her memories and see where she's really been.
  16. Loose Tooth / Healthy Food:
    1. Loose Tooth: Moody accidentally sets out with Nappy to lose his tooth so he can meet the Tooth fairy.
    2. Healthy Food: Lunchy is invited to join a group of Health at the Healthy Headquarters without the intentions of how to be a true heathy eater.
  17. The Steakbro Diner / Professor Fuzbunny
    1. The Steakbro Diner: Doris and Dima work at the Steakbro Diner. Moody and his Friends are hunting down a dangerous alien criminal known as the Zuzzardo. Unfortunately, Zuzzardo is identical to Gloria, one of the diner's friendliest regulars.
    2. Professor Fuzbunny:
  18. The Return to Foreverland / Revenge of Thinkhead
    1. The Return to Foreverland: When Nappy got kidnapped, Moody and his friends return to Forever Land to rescue her from an Evil Octopus.
    2. Revenge of Thinkhead: When Dr. Thinkhead steals Nappy's secret cookie formula, Moody calls Twinkly to bring the formula back to Nappy.
  19. Guilty Gets Helpful / Blamed
    1. Guilty Gets Helpful: Guilty joins Moody on a mission to fight Dr. Thinkhead as a sludge monster.
    2. Blamed: After being blamed by Dr. Thinkhead for destruction, Moody must help Fixy and Twinkly to rebuild that town, but also prove he wasn't the one, but things get worse.
  20. Wisely Turns Evil / The Magical Mission
    1. Wisely Turns Evil: Dr. Thinkhead turns Wisely evil, so Moody will stop him.
    2. The Magical Mission: Moody and his friends team up with their enchantress, Molga, to stop Dr. Thinkhead from destroying Wizzlewazzle.

Season 3: The Splatizons 03

  1. The Case of the Missing Money / The Wizard of Baa's
  2. Mutants / Bootlegs Down Under
  3. The Missing Toy / Nappy's Slumber Party
  4. The Fellowship of Those Things / The Two Wizards
  5. Return of Whisk-Inator / The Unexpected Adventure
  6. The Destination of Frowg / The Battle of the Six Monsters
  7. Urban Commando / Supergood
  8. Peace Zone / The Powers Within
    1. Peace Zone:
    2. The Powers Within: Dr. Thinkhead, having captured Nappy after they left, plans to take over Wizzlewazzle, and it's up to Moody and his friends to stop him.
  9. The First Stand / Splatigeddon
    1. The First Stand: Moody and Sweety spend time together, until Dr. Thinkhead and his minions raid Wizzlewazzle in plans to turn it into a corporate waste land dystopia run over by Selling, Broken Laws, Corrupt Economics and Bad Bosses! To take back the town, Moody joins forces with many other friends to take back the once joyous and cheery land of Wizzlewazzle.
    2. Splatigeddon:
  10. Rise of Grante Azteca / 20 Things They Love About You
  11. Duel of the Terrible Fates / Screwball the Minion
  12. Sweet Teeth / Enter the White Splatizon
  13. One With New National King / The Rule of Smart
    1. One With New National King: When Dr. Thinkhead creates a robotic Crusader, Moody needs to solve the problem because Sweety was causing problems with her car. Moody searches for Dopey. But for most of the movie he does a "war", just like when he was a little kid, to fight with Worry and Lazy for most of the "war" needs to chose who to side with. Then at the end of movie she finds Dopey and just praises him.
    2. The Rule of Smart:
  14. Redalicious Reddington / The Not-So-Dangerous Mission
    1. Redalicious Reddington:
    2. The Not-So-Dangerous Mission: Long-settled into the life and fully domesticated, Moody begins to long for the days when he felt like a real Splatizon. Duped into signing a contract with Thinkhead, he finds himself in an alternate version of Wizzlewazzle, where the Splatizons are hunted, Thinkhead rules, and he and Sweety have never met. Moody must find a way out of the contract to restore his world and reclaim his true love.
  15. The Mighty Warrywart / Live Or Let Dinosaur
  16. The White Splatizon Returns / The Furry Monster Manor
    1. The White Splatizon Returns: When Dr. Thinkhead steal all of rainbow syrup for themselves, Moody and his friends embark on a journey to get the rainbow syrup back.
    2. The Furry Monster Manor:
  17. The Big BANG! / The Dark World
  18. Beyond the Wildest Dreams / Glowy PI
  19. The Fusions / Emotional Comes Over
  20. The New Splatizon / King Moody

Season 4: Young Splatizons

  1. Feary Tale / Operation Spitfire
    1. Feary Tale: Moody and his friends put up a Medieval faire, but when the cloaked figure kidnaps Nappy and sends her to the castle of the labyrinth, Moody and his friends must rescue her from the labyrinth.
    2. Operation Spitfire: Sightings of a ghost plane have been claimed by witnesses, but the rumor turns out the sighting was possibly a robot and it would be revealed to be named Spitfire.
  2. The Billion Star Race / The Rex
    1. The Billion Star Race: Moody and his friends start a race in the space.
    2. The Rex: Moody and his friends sneak into the T-Rex's cave and find Nappy.
  3. Sweety's Magical World / Spotless Moody
  4. Moody Vs. Meany / Mushroom RV
  5. '63 Splatizons / 101% Unlimited
  6. Governor Thinkhead / The Rainbow Cake
  7. Fractured Tales from the Park / The Big Red Mutant
  8. The Pink Core / The Best Friendly Robot
  9. Bat Fussy / Under the Deep Sea
  10. The Seven Clever Boys / The Texas Crystal Massacre
  11. The Dragon's Scale / The Nightmare on Wizzlewazzle Street
  12. Splitoony / The All-New Monster Friends
  13. Play a Game / The Proudhouse
  14. Heroes in the Half-Beast / The Big, Big Monkey
  15. Modifications / The Albino Lion
  16. Screwball and Scritchy / Green Mountain
  17. Wrinkledogskin / 20,000 Splatizons Under the Sea
  18. Breezy Dragons / King Long Tail
  19. Cave Dudes / Surf-Inator Thief
  20. Planet Bubba Bedtime / Name that Splatizon

Season 5: Splatizons Begin

  1. The Island of Misfit Splatizons / It's A Kid in the Red Truck, Moody.
  2. Moody's Missing Buddy / The Re-Acted
  3. Cat, Hat. / The Great Splatizon Strike
  4. Toys of Destruction / Lesson Number One
    1. Toys of Destruction: Moody believes that Thinkhead's deadly toy factory is opening in the town he lives in but no one believes him. But just as things are starting to go his way, he sees a weird commercial on TV. Now he needs to stop the factory from being made.
    2. Lesson Number One:
  5. Mitt Splatizon / Light of the Moon
  6. Duck Duck Goosey / Splat-Tastrophe
  7. Self Doubty and the Splatizon Factory / Pizza Brutality
  8. Princess Splatizon War / Forest Rangers
  9. Taken to Foreverland / Under the Tall Comedy Plants
  10. The Biggest Remix / The Lost Kingdom
  11. Journey to the Apple King Castle / Cousins Forever
  12. Zeenoo the Robot / No More Stickiness
  13. A Creature With No Name / The New Adventure
  14. The Amazing Flying Splatizon / Mixed Up Animals
  15. Funny Party / Overlooked
  16. Miss Magical / The Ice Spaceship
  17. Moody's Challenge / Wheels of Fire
  18. Storybook Forest / Do De Rubber Chicken
  19. You Made Me Love You / One Bear Splatizon in the Bedoom
  20. Horrible Splatizons / Deal With Me

Season 6: Let's Go, Splatizons

  1. Crisis in Mid-Life / The Secret Story
  2. Super-Dee-Duper-Market / Mystery Messes
  3. Power Switch / Trading Places
  4. Ditching / Elastic Game
  5. Father Daughter Bonding Time / The Origins of Splatizons
  6. The Incredible Christmas / At the Doc's
  7. Date Night / A Dash of Valentine
  8. Worry and Bloomy / Secret Identities
  9. Stripes Finds a Voice / Hide and Seek
  10. The Great Race / Counting Spells
  11. Magic Robot World / Someone Out There
  12. Going Outside is Good / Slap!
  13. Meet Us At My House / Eat These Greens
    1. Meet Us At My House:
    2. Eat These Greens: After somebody tripped and got tomatoes on Sweety, she thought someone did it so they do a Food "war" but it's more like a little kids fight but most of the movie was before the "war" for most of the "war" many people needs to chose who to side with.
  14. Gone Too Nutty / Hot Surprise
  15. How Tough Am I? / This is My Stupid Guns
  16. The Show Must Be Goin' On / Challenge Island
  17. Good for the World / The Malice Minions Are Stupid
  18. History of Wizzlewazzle and MALICE / Hey You Freaks
  19. World Adventure / Red Eggs and Slam
  20. One Found Call / E-Mart

Season 7: Splatizons Reloaded

  1. The Big Golden Coin / KER-PATTY
  2. Tough 4Ever / Winners
  3. Watching Good Movies / Gotta Run
  4. Oh My Gosh, I'm So Excited / Super Zero to Hero
  5. International Snuggly Day / Secret of the Golden Heart
  6. The End of Planet Bubba as We Know It / Hard Work
  7. The Most Common Show in the Whole Wide World / The Rich Kid
  8. Quite a Comedy / Video Piracy of Doom
  9. Too Lucky / Meet Beanstalk
  10. Magical Hat / Tea For Two
  11. A Not-So-Nice Splatizon / Moar Powers To You
  12. The New Ranch Hands From Planet Bubba / Spotted Splatizon
  13. The Grand Day Off / The Wrong Underwear
  14. The Closer Shave / The Matter of Loathsome Death
  15. The Greatest Beyond / Sweet Victory
  16. Love Lovers / The Newest Justice
  17. The Big Switcharoo / Light and Dark
  18. Life's A Jungle / Fox Hunt
  19. In Search of the Magic Formula / Realities and Holograms
  20. The Planet of the Malice / Befriended

Feature Films

  1. Adventure Of The Splatizons
  2. The Splatizons: A Tale of Two Teams
  3. The Splatizons: The Legend of Caramel Splatizon
  4. The Splatizons: Go Real: The Splatizons ended up in the real world.
  5. The Splatizons: Strike Force: Nothing in the world can make Moody get involved in anything, until a '63 version of Moody comes crashing into '03 world from the '63 universe with terrifying news. Moody must summon up the willpower to join his '63 counterpart in a fight to save both worlds.
  6. The Splatizons: Funny Fest: The Splatizons went to the festival, the Funny Fest.
  7. The Splatizons: Freedom Unleashed: The Splatizons go to a party where Fussy is beaten up by an evil masked Splatizon-like creature, The Phantom Mastermind, that the gang must fight for freedom.
  8. Splatizons

Theatrical Short Films

  1. Let There Be A Splatypus
  2. The Quest Of the Glowing Monsters
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