Here are some quotes from The Splatizons.




  • "Oh boy, oh boy."
  • "We're go-go-going on the adventure!"
  • "Splatizons on the prowl!"
  • "It's Splatizon time"
  • "Let's all rock."
  • "Well, excuse me, sir."


  • "P-p-please"
  • "Help m-m-me"
  • "I'm so s-s-scared."


  • "Tho mild and thpicy"
  • "Pinkity Pankity Doo"


  • "Thank you, sir."
  • "Gibbity Gabbity Goo"


  • "Holy sweet!"


  • "Gosherooni. I didn't mean to stare."
  • "So, that... was really cool."


  • I love to eat food! There isn't anything better than food.


  • Splatizons rule!
  • Wizzlewazzle rules!


  • Rabbot is in my sight.

Martian Mallow

  • I am Martian Mallow! And I am the most impressive, great and magical!
  • Better than sadness and sorrow.

Dr. Thinkhead

  • I hate these Splatizons!
  • You son of Osamu!
  • Now I've got nothing to show off!


  • (An airship arrives, 4 Splatizons come out of there.)
  • Moody: Dr. Thinkhead, looks like we got here just in time.
  • Worry: T-t-these guys n-need our help.
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Ha! How are 4 kids going to stop me?
  • Splatizons: Splatizons on the prowl!
  • Meany: Whoa… Why are they so cute?
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Meany! Grinder! Attack!
  • Grinder: Uhhh… They make me really uncomfortable.
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Attack, you fools! [shoots under his minions to force them]
  • Moody: Come on, team! We'll let them rocket!
  • (Worry jumps at Meany)
  • Meany: Uhhh… I don’t like this!
  • Lazy: Release power-mouth! Wooaaah!!! (releasing sprays of his "power-mouth")
  • Grinder: Ugh! Smells like wet mouse fur!
  • (The robots close in on Dopey, but his tongue waving around sends them into retreat.)
  • Moody: Thinkhead, your days of taking over are done!
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Ugh… I can’t even be with you when you’re like that.
  • Moody: I challenge you to “splati-combat”!
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Oh, alright, okay. Rocket Punch! (his robotic hand tried to punch him, but it breaks due to Moody being strong.) Ugh! I can still feel everything!

Season 1

"Super Team Splatizons"

  • Sweety: Guys, I found the sword in Thinkhead's jacket.
  • Moody: Thinkhead, did you just steal my sword?
  • Thinkhead: No, sir.
  • Moody: (to Carol) Well, he's just lying. There's no doubt about that. (back to Thinkhead) Thinkhead, I'm afraid your punishment will be 4 hours in the splatipit. (pushes a button which opens the pit) Maybe that'll give you some time to think about what you've done.
  • Thinkhead: Oh, you son of Osamu!! (jumps into the pit)
  • Sweety: That'll teach him. 
  • Moody: And Sweety, you've earned a day in the room of sweets. 
  • (Moody pushes button and the door opens to reveal cakes)
  • Sweety: Thank you, Moody. [laughs]

  • Dr. Thinkhead: Oh my. There was gotta be a way out. Oh! Maybe! I'll remember. I used to have my mother when I was little. 
  • [Flashback begins] 
  • Young Thinkhead: Excellent! The mind-control device is nearing completion! 
  • Lily: Harold, I said no toys at the table. (takes his mind control)  
  • Young Thinkhead: Darn you son of Osamu! You've impeded my work since the day I was born. 
  • Lily: Aw, don't pout, honey. You know, when you were born, the doctor said you were the happiest-looking baby he'd ever seen.  
  • Young Thinkhead: But of course. That was my victory day. The fruition of my deeply-laid plans to escape from that cursed world! Return the device, woman!  
  • Lily: No toys, Harold. (puts his mind control in the cabinet)  
  • Young Thinkhead: Very well, then! Mark my words: when you at least expect it, your uppance will come.
  • [Flashback ends]
  • Dr. Thinkhead: But she died in a car crash.

  • Moody: What in the world? Sweety and my friends has been kidnapped! It's Splatizon time! And that's how I, Moody Splatizon, Hero of Wizzlewazzle, saved my friend, Sweety. I know, amazing, right? Sometimes I amaze even myself.

"Some Knights Were Brave and Strong"

  • [Saintly sends Sweety the page on a mission to deliver a secret message to King.]
  • Sweety: Oh, Saintly, nothing can stop me from delivering this message. I hope.

"Flower Power"

  • Dr. Thinkhead: Eat 'em, little green fellas!
  • Bloomy: Hey, those are my plants, Dr. Thinkhead!
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Why not?!
  • Bloomy: I was working on my garden! But, you came over and turn my plants into monsters! Now, you ruined my garden!
  • Dr. Thinkhead: But, those are my green friends.
  • Bloomy: No! They weren't!
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Yes! They certainly were!
  • Bloomy: No!
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Yes!
  • Bloomy: No!
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Yes! But, I'm trying to take down the garden house thing with these green fools. Yes!
  • Bloomy: NO!
  • [Dr. Thinkhead fumes.]
  • Moody: That's it! I don't want to hear you both complain about these plant monsters! Now, Dr. Thinkhead! I'm going to break your pump, so you'll be kicked out of this garden!

"Save the Day"

  • Dr. Thinkhead: Shoot! I just step on that Thorny! That's it, you dead thug!
  • Thorny: Aaaah! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! DR. THINKHEAD!!!!!!!!

"Ranch Hands from Planet Bubba"

  • Moody: Great job, evil Splatizon.
  • Meany: What? I'm not a Splatizon. I'm a MALICE minion.
  • Dopey: I wonder what this does. [he pushes the button and activates the Splaticake machine.]
  • Moody: Hey! Dopey! That's my Splaticake machine.
  • Winky: Why you little grey freak! Stay out of that farm!

"Escape From Deadly Land"

  • Sweety: Boy, they got some unusual prizes at the carnival this year.
  • [Nappy wins the milk bottle game]
  • Carnival Worker: A winner! Congratulations, son, you won a teddy bear Splatizon.
  • Nappy: Oh, my. Sweety can I keep him?
  • Sweety: Well it's a big responsibility, Nappy. That means you have to clean up after him and feed him.
  • Nappy: What do you eat? I like your fur.
  • Snuggly: I love you.
  • Nappy: You have a beautiful speaking voice.

  • Snuggly: Hey Fussy, how many Splatizons did it take to go to the bathroom?
  • Fussy: [sighs] I'm not in the mood for asking me way too much questions.
  • Snuggly: Two Splatizons.

  • Clowny: More to you. [laughs]
  • Super DeDuper: Hi! I’m Super DeDuper... because I am the leader of...
  • All: The HAPPY LAND PALS!!!
  • Sweety: Wow! That clown looks kinda like me....
  • Princess Icy: It’s so joyous to see you boys and girls here today!
  • Marci: Joyful, Joyful indeed!
  • Drunky: Oh boy!
  • Clowny: It’s gonna be a Friendly-tastic adventure!

  • Sweety: We're so dead.
  • Snuggly: But at least they're aren't evil.
  • (Suddenly, a strange virus accidentally sparks in the androids' programming.)
  • Lazy: I’m sorry, but the Happy Land Pals don’t tolerate rivalry.
  • Super DeDuper: That’s right! The spotlight is ours!
  • Moody: You had to say it, Did you, Twinkly?
  • Twinkly: RUN!!!

  • Twinkly: Uhh... If you did have a problem, we didn't know which way to go.
  • Nappy: Uhhh... I think, think, thinking, I know. How about I'll use a bomb to break the door so we'll escape from it.
  • Moody: Good idea.

"The Secret of Mount Amless"

  • Hippy: What a mess.
  • Moody: That was a good song, Sweety!
  • Fussy: Be quiet, Moody! I'm trying to read!
  • Cranky: You're no perfect.

  • Dopey: Moody, Thweety, look at the creek that I thwam last thummer.
  • Moody: Let's get shallow.

"Paradise Paranoia"

  • Dr. Thinkhead: Finally! I will stop the Splatizons once and for all! Behold, my new creation, the Malice Squad.
  • Meany: Uhh… boss… the dragon won’t stop rubbing…
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Ugh! Hopefully, they’ll just wipe each other out.
  • Grinder: Then after that, we’ll take over Wizzlewazzle. Right?
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Nope. Probably just get a regular job. I’m not even a bad guy anymore. I just want the Splatizons to be dead!
  • [Huge flash. Moody's future self appears]
  • Future Moody: Thinkhead, I have saved your world. In your time we are enemies, but now, we must join forces.
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Ohhh my goodness, this is the first time I’m actually seeing your junk.
  • Future Moody: A great evil threatens us all.
  • Dr. Thinkhead: It’s too big. Ugh, my finger is so red.
  • Future Moody: There’s no time to explain. I must share my memories with you.
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Nope! Meany, Grinder, attack!
  • [Grinder holds a bomb, Meany pulls it's ring then it explodes]
  • Future Moody: Allow me inside you.
  • Dr. Thinkhead: No, no, no, no, no, no! Oh, you son of Osamu! I’m in your mind! This is my heck.
  • Future Moody: Let me share my story. Your Malice Squad was a success. They proved to be the Splatizons' equals. The battle lasted weeks.
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Ohhh, I can taste it.
  • Future Moody: [off-screen] The chemicals released by the fight entered the atmosphere, and blinded the earth in a thick, musty gas.
  • Dr. Thinkhead: [off-screen] Eww. Eww eww eww.
  • Future Moody: [off-screen] Our combined must grew too intense for humanity. The effect was extreme. Everyone on Earth was transformed.
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Ohhh, that fool is so stacked. Puh-lease tell me I’m dying first. Oh shoot, there I am! [his future self is half-splatizon] Wow, no! [throws up] 
  • Future Moody: [off-screen] At first, the resulting giving brought about world peace, but giving does not come without consequences. 90% of the population was wiped out by a pink tidal wave.
  • Dr. Thinkhead: [off-screen] Ohhh god, that’s totally strange, isn’t it?
  • Future Moody: I tried to save you, but I was too late. [tears]
  • Dr. Thinkhead: I drowned in a sea of cola.
  • Future Moody: You see, Thinkhead, this is why we must teach the Malice Squad compassion, so that we don’t --
  • Dr. Thinkhead: I hate that, you freak! [smashing a minion with a torch] Just to be safe, I’m gonna love this place with… all of us in it! [pulls the lever, causing the sprinkler to put out fire.] Well, that's even better.


  • Fussy: Spaaaace!!!!
  • Moody: Nice going, Fussy!
  • Martian Mallow: I am Martian Mallow! And I am the impressive, great and-- Oh sorry! I am Martian Mallow! And I am the most impressive, great and magical!
  • Moody: That's it.
  • Dopey: Tho mild and thpicy.
  • Moody: I've never seen myself spin like that.
  • Martian Mallow: Besides, I am my boss' biggest fan.
  • Moody: It's very... very hard.
  • Martian Mallow: Thanks, Captain.

"Spooky Bash"

  • Scary: Have you seen my pals?
  • Pumpkin: Oh, yes, they seem to be dead.
  • Scary: No, they weren't. They're ghosts!

  • Moody: He's watching you.
  • Pumpkin: Now hold on a minute, What in the world is with this thing, dude?
  • Sausage: I don't know, but I'm pretty sure it's scary to certain people.

  • Sausage: Wait! Come back here, grey thing! I want me in my bun costume, not you!
  • Meany: You're too late! You'll never find it now!

"Global Warnings"

  • Dr. Thinkhead: Welcome to Thinkhead Theater, please be sea-
  • Meany: Hi, doctor! Awww! What's this pretty logo do?
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Don't press that! It'll scare the viewers!
  • [The robotic lion roars]

  • Dr. Thinkhead: Don't miss these exciting upcoming releases from Thinkhead Studios that you'll see in the movies. [laughs evilly]
  • Moody: I didn't do that. It was Dr. Thinkhead.

  • Dr. Thinkhead: CUT!!! Meany, why you son of Osamu. you ruined my show! Now I'm gonna send you to the witch and she's gonna turn you into a frog!
  • Meany: Huh! I'm wanna be like my best friend! I'll have great hearing, night vision, one toe on each...
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Now I'm just like the lion! I can roar so loud that I can scare a hundred people away from the movies. Wanna hear?
  • Grinder: Great! Then, do it!
  • Meany: Great job, Dr. Thinkhead.
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Get back to work! NOW!!!

  • Dr. Thinkhead: And... cut. That was great, Anti-Moody. You know I've seen you waking up. Even though Anti-Lazy was asleep.
  • Anti-Moody: I heard that.
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Good one, Anti-Moody. Alright, let's get to work.

  • Meany: Oops! I forgot that text! Don't worry.
  • Anti-Moody: Kids, there's nothing more cool than-
  • Anti-Lazy: You're a bad Splatizon.
  • Whirlwind: Help me! I'm dying!
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Could you cue the titles, please?

  • Dr. Thinkhead: There are rules in this theater: Don't stand on the back of someone else's seat, hold your butt into the air, and growl. Don't put popcorn in musical instruments and then blow it all over everyone around you. Don't take someone else's nose off their face and put it on someone else's face. Don't jackhammer the floor. Don't make everyone in the audience disappear.
  • Moody: What!? Those rules in the theater didn't make any sense.
  • Dopey: Yeah, you didn't thee me ruining the beginning of the movie like that. Yee-haw!!! Yeth!! Yeahooo!!!
  • Moody: Stop yelling, Dopey, the movie's starting!

  • Male announcer: Movie not found. Projector feed cut off. We are sorry. This screening for "Harold Thinkhead's The Zplatizons" has been cancelled until further notice.
  • The Splatizons: Hooray! Thinkhead's movie is destroyed!
  • Moody: Uh, were going to stop Dr. Thinkhead before he will release the movie worldwide. Come on, let's all rock!
  • The Splatizons: Yay!

"Stripes Come Home"

  • Meany: I want it!
  • Dr. Thinkhead: After the flying cat!
  • [One of the alley cats attack Meany]
  • Grinder: Meany got kicked out!

"Journey to Forever Land"

  • Moody: Wait! Hold it! If you think we'd let it go, that way did you? Well, here's a real thing we want to show you!
  • Sweety: And, ha!
  • Saintly: Moody, Sweety, Dopey, Lazy, Worry, Nappy, you did your very good job building your car.
  • Moody: Thanks! I'll keep it up next time!

  • Nappy: Hey, look! It's Chester Chipmunk!
  • Chester: Hello, guys! Nice to meet you.

"Meet the Secret Seven"

  • General: [in videophone] Splatizons! Uncle Hairy has been kidnapped by Dr. Thinkhead.
  • Dopey: You can count on us, General.
  • All: Let's all rock!!!
  • General: No! Wait for me and hang on first! How do I turn this thing off!?
  • Heely: What are you watching, General!?
  • General: It’s business! I swear!

"House Party"

  • Saintly: Start decorating the house. I have to drop Lovely off at dance class, then I'll be right home!

  • Lovely: Thanks for picking me up, mama! I know how busy you are planning Moody's party.
  • Saintly: I always have time for my little girl. Besides, your dad promised me that he'd have the house decorated by the time I get home. Have fun at class, sweetie.
  • Lovely: I will. Thanks again for the ride.

"The Deal About Trouble Land"

  • Gummy: Where we're shooting our first ever stupid commercial! After this commercial airs, we'll be covered with gum! I can already feel money! Money! Gum!
  • (Cut to Gummy standing on the set of the commercial, looking angry.)
  • Gummy: Fussy!
  • Fussy: What?!
  • Gummy: FUSSY!
  • Fussy: What?!
  • Gummy: What you're doing is throwing away all the trash! Well, then, what's all this useless junk?!
  • Fussy: This job gets very VERY stressful, Gummy.
  • Gummy: Well, you've got me. Hey boys, it's a spy! (Broils the plush version of her) All right, get lost, all of you! You're fired! Go on! Scram! Get out of here, you idiots! (The entire crew starts to leave) That's right, keep moving! (The crowd suddenly freezes) KEEP MOVING!
  • Fussy: Now we've got no crew to make the commercial!
  • Gummy: We've got the cheapest crew in the world! You, you, you, you, and Moody! And you, and Fussy, and Dopey! Speaking of which, where is he?
  • Moody: I'm down here, sir!
  • Gummy: What are you doing, Moody?!

  • Dr. Thinkhead: Uh... who turned the lights off?
  • Grinder: It was Meany who turned all the lights off.
  • Powercut: Actually, I made a power cut, because I'm Powercut.

"Monster Friends"

  • Fussy: You guys are wrong!
  • Moody: Is your favorite show coming on?
  • Nappy: Oh, my gosh.
  • Lazy: Night already?
  • Sweety: Show's on!
  • Lazy: Touch your parents, your teacher, a police officer.

"The Trip to Mount Laughingstone"

Season 2

"Easter Bunny"

  • Easter Basket: It's Easter. You know. It only happens once a year.
  • Easter Bunny: Easter Basket. You're a genius.

"Splatipendence Day"

  • Moody: Don't you have anything better than destroying my ship?
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Oh, yeeeaaahhh!!!
  • Meany: That was a strike.

"Planet 1949"

  • Zapper: Ay Yi Yi Yi Yi Yi, you're the greatest of all time! I'm so glad you are mine!


  • Sweety: Ooh, an apple. Aw! I wanna try a bite of this. [takes a bite of the poison apple] Mmm, delicious. This apple is so.... [then, suddenly, she gagged and fainted due to poison, and turns into her evil form]
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Then, I shall call her "The False Sweety".

"The Day After Future Past"

  • Young Dopey: I want my blankey.
  • Meany: We don't need you.
  • Bomber: You noisemaking Splatizon!

"The Mouse Man"

  • Sweety: The man was half man half mouse and he lives in the cave.
  • Moody: Ooh, I love mice.
  • Everyone: Mouse man. Mouse man. Mouse man.


  • Twinkly: Hey, The "Magical Ultimate Living Terrific International Power Localization Yonder" is now on!
  • Moody: Great!

"Magic Install"

  • Doc: Oh no! He's coding on every file, so that, to remove them, so I'm going to download back to the normal crystal. I'm so sorry, I can't help you!!

"Loose Tooth"

  • Moody: My tooth is loose!
  • Sweety: Aww.
  • Hugsalot: Well, after it falls out, if you put your tooth under your pillow on your bed before you go to sleep, you'll get a visit from the tooth fairy.

"Healthy Food"

  • Saintly: Who wants eggs and bacon.
  • Moody: Oh, gosh. Thank you.
  • Lunchy: Oh! There's a place with some heathy food! It's called Heathy Headquarters.

Season 3

"Nappy's Slumber Party"

  • Naggy: I WANT MY MOMMY!
  • Nappy: Mom will be here any moment.

"The First Stand"

  • Cookie: Let me go!
  • Nappy: Ooooh! Tasty!
  • Moody: Nappy!
  • Bloomy: Everything will be fine. Just stay calm. Nappy was messing around the studio again.


  • New Job: My furniture and apples are gone!
  • Golfy: YOU HURT MY BABIES!!!
  • Nappy: And you broke my toys!
  • Carol: Why didn't let this happen to me like that?!

Season 4

"The Rainbow Cake"

  • Smoochy: Happy birthday to a great Splatizon.
  • Sweety: Thank you, Smoochy.
  • Smoochy: You're welcome

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

"Video Piracy of Doom"

  • Nappy: Wow, this must be rare! Miss, is this tape for money?
  • Saleswoman: No! It's free!
  • Nappy: Yes! Thank you! Oh, gosherooni! Thank you! See ya!

  • [The warning looking similar to the 1982 Lionsgate warning screen plays]
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Warning! The copyright owner, Thinkhead Video Entertainment Co, Ltd. has licensed this videocassette for private home use only! For further details, please refer to the end of the tape.
  • [Thinkhead Video Logo plays, then the Stay Tuned/Feature Presentation bumper similar to the 1994 Disney one plays.]
  • Dr. Thinkhead: Please stay tuned after the feature for another great preview from Thinkhead Video. And now our evil feature presentation. [evil laugh]
  • Moody: What in the world?! Dr. Thinkhead created his bootleg videotape.
  • Dopey: Ith it you?
  • Moody: No! It wasn't me, it was Dr. Thinkhead.
  • Sweety: The scary presentation was the old white mouse's funeral.

Feature Films

The Splatizons: A Tale of Two Teams

  • Moody: What in the world is that smell?
  • Lunchy: Smells like cheeseburgers.
  • Dopey: Hey! Look at this!
  • Moody: Be careful, Dopey! We don't want to--
  • Dopey: Hey, look! A switch! [pulls a lever]
  • Voice from P.A.: Intruder! Intruder! Intruder!
  • Moody: Dopey! What have you done!
  • [They see the mattress falling.]
  • Moody and Dopey: AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!
  • [Moody and Dopey run away from the fallen mattress]
  • Voice from P.A.: Intruder neutralized!
  • Moody: Oh, Dopey. I can't believed you just ruined my funhouse.

  • Moody: Stop the film! Stop the film! Naggy, what in the name of Burks are you doing here?
  • Naggy: Moody is being the stupid brat.
  • Moody: Okay, okay, let's get it right, and roll the movie!
  • Naggy: Stop that, Moody!
  • Moody: Just let it go, Naggy. Okay?
  • Naggy: Okay, Moody.
  • Moody: Roll film.

  • Martian Mallow: Hey you two!
  • Moody: Huh, maybe meeting the Splatizons would make our lives complete!
  • Fussy: It's not about having good luck, it's about following your dreams!

  • Meany: I don't know! Maybe it's the crew's idea to make it purple.
  • Grinder: If they turn it into purple, next thing you'd know the whole movie turns into people.
  • [pause]
  • Meany: Whew! It's over.

The Splatizons: Freedom Unleashed

  • Moody: Hey! Wait! What is your name?
  • Phantom Mastermind: You shall call me "Phantom Mastermind"
  • Moody: Oh! You're name is Phantom Mastermind. Hey, what is your favorite color? What is your favorite movie? What's your point of you spending me some time at the beach or something? And why is you name Phantom Mastermind?
  • Phantom Mastermind: My logic of the phantom is Thinkhead's logic of mastermind.


On Demand Bumpers

  • Moody: Hi! It's me, Moody! You're watching The Splatizons, only on Universal Kids On Demand!

Warning Screen #1

  • Fiona Burks: WARNING!!!: The distributors, Wizzlewazzle Video Co., have licensed this videocassette for usage in homes, schools, oil rigs, prisons, and daycares only. For further details refer to the end of this tape.

Warning Screen #2

  • Fiona Burks: WARNING!!!: The distributors, Wizzlewazzle Video Co., have licensed this videocassette for usage in homes, schools, oil rigs, prisons, and daycares only. Any copying, recording, pirating, use on television stations w/o permission, and unauthorized hiring will result in a $200,000 fine.

Rewind Bumper

  • Fiona Burks: Be kind, and please rewind this videocassette.

Premiere Promo

  • The Splatizons need some help.

  • The Splatizons starting at 1:00pm to 2:00pm only on Universal Kids!

Season 1 DVD and Blu-Ray Promo

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