Below is a list of characters appearing on Toonified.

Main characters

Stu Funk, Buffy Borks, and Greg Garpo serve as the main characters of Toonified. They are all voiced by Mark Jame, who also created them.

Supporting characters

Dan Kreepius (Mark Jame), Gerald Maddum (Mark Jame), Tyler Kimothy (James Markon), and Steven Hott (Dan Castellana) are supporting characters.

Recurring characters

Main article: List of recurring Toonified characters

Recurring Toonified characters include Bob Lenny (Philip Kayory), Scott Duncanhall (Christopher Thomas), Erica Ruddy (Samantha Leestream), and Spencer Tuck (Laura DiMucci).

VTE Toonified characters
List of recurring Toonified characters
Main Stu Funk · Buffy Borks · Greg Garpo
Supporting Dan Kreepius · Gerald Maddum · Tyler Kimothy · Steven Hott
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