Here's the list of notable VidSpace users.

Channel(s) User(s) Country/Countries Notes
Clyohraira Government of Clyohraira Flag of Clyohraira Clyohraira A VidSpace channel that's owned by the Government of Clyohraira
Gkllalle Fajnddle Grobirotae Flag of Bliarshaert Bliarshaert
jeko Jakuwo Mekoti Flag of El Kadsre El Kadsre
Royal Rairas Multiple Flag of Clyohraira Clyohraira

Flag of Olparaira Olparaira, Kadersaryina

Flag of Javaraira Javaraira, Kadersaryina

Kings: Kilmon and Que are monarchs of Clyohraira

Queens: Tayarina and Jeaelaseine are monarchs of Clyohraira
Kings: Uhyuk and Budrae are monarchs of Olparaira
Queens: Buadsia and Imdona are monarchs of Olparaira
Kings: Aesrke and Faitred are monarchs of Javaraira
Queens: Waynia and Ameniane are monarchs of Javaraira

Tgyyku Madkasi Flag of Daricajuce Daricajuce He's the first Daricajucean VidSpacer to get to 10 million subs
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